I got to be a bride again, and all of my dreams came true

Last month, I was asked to model my wedding dress for a friend who is building her photography portfolio. If you know me, you know that I was honored, and that I would never say no to being a bride again! I got to wear my dress (that I thought I’d never wear again) , get my hair and make up done, hike a mountain in Zion National Park, and hold a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was a great day, and these pictures turned out beautiful. I finally got them all back, so I am posting them here. Enjoy!

Photography- Ashleymeaganphoto

Hair and Make Up- Kelbi Bailey _makeupbykk

Flowers- Southern Blossomsunspecifiedunspecified (15)unspecified (17)unspecified (16)unspecified (19)unspecified (13)unspecified (20)unspecified (18)unspecified (12)unspecified (6)unspecified (8)unspecified (7)unspecified (2)unspecified (11)unspecified (1)unspecified (3)unspecified (5)unspecified (9)unspecified (4)unspecified (10)unspecified (14)


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