Dursteler Family Pictures

Dursteler Family 465-edited.jpgWhen it comes to in laws, I definitely got lucky. I am so blessed to love these people as much as I do. They treat me like we’ve been related forever.

Us “kids” bought these pictures for Michele and Randy for Christmas, and Kenna did an awesome job on them! Check her out on social media. Kennaorrphotography


PS- How cute is Duke?!

Dursteler Family 010-edited.jpgDursteler Family 025-edited.jpgDursteler Family 051-edited.jpgDursteler Family 036-editedDursteler Family 395-edited.jpgDursteler Family 316-edited.jpgDursteler Family 283-edited.jpgDursteler Family 227-edited.jpgDursteler Family 171-edited.jpgDursteler Family 246-edited.jpgDursteler Family 083-edited.jpgDursteler Family 186-edited.jpgDursteler Family 146-edited.jpgDursteler Family 207-edited.jpg

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