Birthday (week) Shenanigans


For those of you who know me, you know that my birthday is a big deal. I love celebrating, I love life, and I love celebrating the day that I was given this life.

I celebrated my birthday over four days this year, because I wanted to do all of my favorite things with my favorite people.

On Thursday, I went out to dinner and drinks with a group of friends. There was fifteen of us. I am so blessed when it comes to “great friends.” I love each one of these people like family.12832370_968425536543869_1891409765959177310_nAnd I obviously love mixed drinks and Mexican food, as well.


On Friday, It was my actual birthday! I woke up to the house being decorated, presents on the table, and breakfast waiting for me. (Shout out to the best husband, and mother in law!)


Next on my agenda was pedicures with my mama, lunch with her and my grandma (Derek tagged along) and then grandma, mom, and I went shopping.

I had a a couple friends over for a BBQ that night with my family, and in laws.  I am not a fan of cake, so I had brownies instead.

12802992_968425439877212_1906289232495724050_n12806024_968425409877215_3024687497902009465_n12814631_968425406543882_5334311212441394705_nOn Saturday, I met my dad for breakfast, and then Derek and I drove up to Zion and went hiking on one of my favorite hikes. He took me out to dinner, and booked a hotel room, so that we could have a weekend getaway with just the two of us.


On Sunday, we woke up to rain, went to breakfast at Oscar’s, and drove home. (More pictures, and video from our weekend getaway coming soon!)

I love my birthday for some many reasons. I get to reflect on how much I have grown in the last year, I get to set new goals for myself, remind myself of how grateful I am to have the life I have, and the people in it. And best of all, I get to have an excuse to do my favorite things, and spend time with my favorite people.

Onto the next adventure, Wren


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