Dursteler Abode-a go

It’s been exactly two weeks since we officially became home owners to our 1970’s yellow fixer upper. The second I walked into that house that day Joanna Gaines voice went through my head, “Do you have what it takes to take on a fixer upper?”

I knew it would be a lot of work, but it’s always been my dream to buy an old house, and make it feel new. So, with a lot of help from friends and family, and my awesome husband (who I have now learned is the perfect handy man, that I always wanted to marry) we began.

Here are the before pictures and  what we were working with.

Living Room: There was bright pink carpet through out.


Dining Room:12920364_987922534594169_2759939218511352237_n


Hall Bathroom: (Don’t you love that toilet paper holder?)12512234_987922601260829_3183189163899598682_n

Office/First bedroom: (Desk Built ins and chairs included)12919619_987922571260832_3943195714441891149_n

Second bedroom:12936635_987922627927493_490416290883067400_n

Master Bedroom: (make shift flower decor included)12961455_987922617927494_3719241344726506601_n

Master Bedroom:12924468_987922657927490_3008340899380879187_nMaster Bathroom:


I knew that there would be a ton of work going into this, but the second I saw the huge fenced backyard (which is another project by the way) the wood burning fireplace, and all of the light that came through each window, I saw potential, and I fell in love.

I spent Friday afternoon cleaning out all of the old furniture, books, and other things that the old lady left behind. Saturday was DEMO DAY.

The first to go was the carpet! I couldn’t believe how big and open the house felt when it was gone. Ps-we removed all of the carpet and wall paper in one day. Surprisingly, we knew what we were doing. (Thanks to binge watching HGTV for the last 10 years.)


Over the next few days, we took off all of the baseboards, removed the wall paper, removed the built in shelves and desks, smashed the tile, and scraped that popcorn ceiling off.




Once the house was all torn apart, it was time to start putting it back together. Derek and the guys re-textured our ceiling since it was ruined from the popcorn. The girls and I took all of our kitchen cabinets down, cleaned them, sanded them and got them ready for paint!




We are extremely exhausted, sore, and so so excited! As of right now, we are just about finished painting all of our walls, and we finished our kitchen cabinets yesterday. Once everything is painted (fireplace, trim, baseboards, ceilings, doors) we will install our floor!


We have decided to update our bathrooms, and kitchen with new faucets and light fixtures for now. We are going to eventually remodel our bathrooms, and the kitchen back splash and counter tops.  (Which may grow on me with time.)

I am so pleased with how this renovation has turned out. We have had so much help (from the people pictured, and many who are not.) I can’t believe how far we have come in just two weeks. I am so excited to see where we will be in another two! Thanks for following along.

PS. I made a tab for my “Home” I am going to start doing tutorials, DIYs, design and decor tips on the blog as we grow in our Dursteler Abode!

Onto the next adventure,(well finishing this one 😉 ) Wren


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