For Derek


11169235_866399873413103_4462203614078857075_nToday is a very special day in my world, it is Derek’s 23rd birthday! I absolutely love celebrating this guy, and his life. (PS it was SO fun to buy a birthday card that said “husband” this year.)


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again,  I could probably sit down and write a series of lengthily novels about how much I love Derek, and it still wouldn’t be enough. He is by far the best person I have ever met. For those of you who know him, know what I mean. And for those of you who don’t know him, just imagine Chandler Bing from friends, Noah Calhoun from the Notebook, and Nick Miller from New Girl and put them all into one person. That’s Derek.



He’s done a lot in this past year, he’s got married, we’ve traveled, bought our home, remodeled it (almost finished!) found a job that he enjoys, and he’s lost 40 pounds. I am so proud of the person he is growing into.


To save me some time, and save you some reading, I won’t write a series of novels, but instead, I have decided to share my top 23 favorite things about this man that I get to spend the rest of my life with, and I also decided to share 23 pictures of him this past year. Enjoy.


1.His sense of humor, I am never not laughing when I am around him, and I am not the only one.

2.He is the hardest working person I know. He doesn’t stop something until it’s finished, or he has accomplished his goal.

3.He is constantly telling me how much he loves me.

4.He is constantly showing it to, to me, and everyone around us.

5.He never EVER complains. 13007115_993203284066094_8976400578687683123_n13012642_993203174066105_1847948074280646881_n

6.He allows everyone around him to be their own person, and never judges them for it.

7.He always gets extra napkins because he knows I would be a mess (literally) without them.

8. He is a jack of all traits, and a master at most of them. (Hard labor, computers, sports) you name it, he’s good at it.

9.He is never envious or jealous of others, because he loves his life, and I admire him for it.

10.He is the best co-pilot. I map the directions, and he drives.

11. We’ve renovated a house, and have traveled the country, and we still haven’t argued while doing so.13043272_993203214066101_3671615154100978005_n13051691_993203150732774_2150699749524277713_n13015349_993203074066115_7159449512710399477_n

12. He lets me put my freezing feet on his back to keep them warm at night.

13. He lets me choose all the songs, and t.v. channels and never complains about it.

14. He cooks, cleans, does yard work, fixes my car, and everything else you can think of.

15. He surprises me with “fancy” date nights, and spoils me with expensive dinners.

16. He enjoys going out with friends, but is also satisfied cuddling on the couch and watching Netflix. He always does “whatever I want to do.”





IMG_070217.He loves dogs almost as much as I do.

18. He is so handsome.

19. We have more inside jokes than anyone else I know, that nobody would ever understand.

20. He cares a lot about other’s peoples’ feelings, even though he doesn’t show it often.


21. He has big dreams, but he also knows I do to, and he allows me to follow them

22. He snores, sleep talks, and constantly makes weird clicking sounds, but for some reason I sleep better next to him.

23.He is the most optimistic person I know.



I am constantly wondering what I did to deserve someone like Derek to have as a husband. I will never take the littlest things he does for granted, and I will never stop celebrating him as a person, or his life. 22 was a great year for him, I am so excited to see what 23 will bring!


Happy birthday babe, I love you.

Onto the (many, many) next adventures (with you), Wren




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