4 Weeks of Renovation DOWN


13043511_993203090732780_2369850572382557935_nWell yesterday, we wrapped up week four of our Dursteler Abode renovation. We officially have kitchen cabinets, floors and baseboards, new toilets, and all of our trim and our fireplace is painted. I can’t believe the progress we’ve made! I am so excited for what is to come.


I will eventually be posting a tutorial on our kitchen cabinet remodel, as well as our fireplace remodel.


13002339_996937550359334_5133891062219487063_o (1)


Shout out to my husband and father in law, who measured, cut, and laid all of our beautiful floor.



13095966_996960043690418_1541755982873286727_nNext up on the agenda: touch up paint, finish installing new light fixtures, switches, and outlets. And if the weather cooperates, finish painting all of our doors. If the weather does not cooperate, we will have to live without doors for a while. We hope to be moving in by this weekend! Which means the next Dursteler Abode blog post will have furniture. šŸ™‚


13041452_996937777025978_7491835232043981680_oDon’t you love that green parrot statue, and our make shift fountain? The backyard is a whole other project, that we will eventually get to.

Thanks for following along!

Onto the next adventure (while still working on this one) Wren


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