Our DIY Cabinet Makeover

Hello all! Looking back at these pictures make it seem like years ago that we were re modeling the Dursteler Abode. It’s crazy that we’ve only officially lived here for almost two weeks. Since we did the whole re-model ourselves, I have decided to make some DIY tutorial posts. Starting with our kitchen cabinet makeover.

Ha, makeover is a funny word considering it was just a few cans of paint, and some new hardware, but they do look pretty made over. Here is our (beautiful 😉 ) before picture.



The second I saw this kitchen, I knew that those cabinets were meant to be WHITE. The brown looked outdated, old, and very tacky next to those red/orange counter tops. Derek and his dad knew how much work I’d have to put into painting them, but after a lot of begging and convincing, they agreed to help. And boy did it pay off!

Let’s get started!

Materials needed: 

Household Items:

  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Sanding Block
  • Screwdriver
  • Rag
  • Sponge

Things that you will (most likely) need to buy:

  • Paint!

We used: Advance Satin Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint 792 Jones Paint & Glass.

  • Liquid TSP heavy duty cleaner Home Depot
  • A paint gun/sprayer (optional) Home Depot
  • Rollers/ and paint brushes (if not using a sprayer) Home depot
  • Paint tarp Home Depot

I’ve inserted some pictures of the things that we used!


Step 1:

Number all cabinets and drawers with tape and a permanent marker (I also drew a picture of my kitchen layout so that I would know which number goes where)


Step 2: 

Using your electric screw driver, remove all drawers, and cabinets.


Step 3:

Using your screwdriver, or electric screwdriver, remove all hardware (handles, hinges, drawer sliders) THANKS sister in law. 😉


Step 4:

Following the cleaning directions, use the TSP cleaner and a sponge to clean the cabinets and drawers.

13237851_1006478339405255_4698832337222458006_nStep 5:

Lightly sand cabinets and drawers and wipe away extra dust with a rag.




Step 6:

Using the paint tarp, tape off kitchen walls, sink, counter tops, and inside of cabinets and prepare to paint!


Step 7:

Lay all cabinets on another tarp in a well ventilated area (we used our back yard and covered patio since we don’t have a garage.) And begin painting!

I don’t have any pictures of Derek painting cabinets that are inside, but I promise he did it all. (I’m so thankful for him.)

SIDE NOTE: We started using a roller, but it took way too long, so we switched to the spray gun, it saved us a lot of time. Personal preference though!


Step 8:

Attach hinges on cabinets, drawer sliders on drawers, and put everything back in its proper place. Thanks mother in law! 😉

SIDE NOTE: We spray painted our original hinges silver to update them, and save money.



Once all cabinets are hung and drawers are in place, attach new handles. (The original ones were in terrible shape, so we had to buy new handles.)

AND WA-LA just like that our kitchen looks (and feels) bright, clean, fresh, and open. It even feels new! 🙂




Onto the next adventure, Wren

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