Meet Our Harvey Boy

It’s been two weeks since we welcomed our Harvey boy into our family. Derek and I have talked about the day that we’d finally be able to get a dog for as long as I can remember. We started looking around as soon as we closed on our house.

We looked in the shelters, pounds, craigslist, and even applied to adopt through the Humane Society. We saw a lot of dogs, but none of them felt like the right one. (When you know, you know, I guess.)

Two weeks ago our friend from high school, Paige, posted that her and husband couldn’t give their sweet boy, Tank, the attention he deserved. The second I saw his face in that picture, I knew. He is a border collie/Australian shepherd. I grew up with a border collie, and my sister has an Aussie, so I instantly loved him. I messaged Paige and asked her some questions; is he trained? Does he like kids? Does he do well with other dogs? Etc. Every answer she gave back, I thought he is perfect! We planned to meet him the next day.


When we met Tank (Harvey) we instantly knew he was exactly what we’d been looking for. Not knowing how each other really felt, we told Paige that we would talk it over and let her know by the weekend. She said that he would be waiting. We were twenty minutes down the road when I texted her and told her we were coming back. We just didn’t want to go home without him.

There is not one thing I don’t love about my Harvey boy. He is so well behaved, trained, and loveable. He’s met so many new people and other dogs these last two weeks, and has loved every single one of them. He wakes Derek and I up at 6:30 every morning to play, and falls back asleep as soon as we’re both up. He snuggles up to me every time I watch a movie, and watches Derek leave to work out our front window.


We love coming home to a happy face and wagging tail, waking up to doggy kisses, and having someone to give us an excuse to get outside and exercise. Harvey made this home of our’s feel complete. I never thought I’d have just about everything I wanted at 22, with the same boy I fell in love with at 15, but hey here we are!


And we even have someone who has joined us, I think he’s here to stay.

Onto the next Adventure, Wren

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