7th New Habit

I can’t get over the fact that July is already over. This year has been so exciting for us, especially the last couple of months. But I am so ready for fall time, and for this heat to go away!

Since we were traveling most of the month of July, I had to choose a new habit that I could do at home, and on the days that we were away from home. I decided to pick one of my hobbies, and make it a habit to do it every day. I kept journals from elementary school to high school, but eventually I got tired of writing down the things I did every single day. I got bored with it, and would just write down things just because I felt like I needed to, not because I wanted to. That’s when I resorted to blogging instead. I liked the idea of being able to share my experiences with the world, and include all of the pictures I take.

I got two new journal prompt books as gifts. One of them is a five year memory book and one is another one that I only write one line every day. Some times I write the things I did that day, some times I write about my feelings, and other days I just write about simple things, like the weather.


I love this book because I can easily look back to last year and compare how much has changed, and how much I have grown in the past year. I have made it a habit to write in this book every night before bed, so that I don’t have to look back at my calendar and play catch up.

The second book is a journal, but instead of just writing about the things I did that day, each page has a writing prompt on it, so I always know exactly what to write about. I don’t write in this one every day, but I love to pick it up when i get my writing urge, or need some extra inspiration that day.


Writing has always been my favorite escape. I’m so thankful to have such easy access to it, whether it’s typing about my life on my computer, or writing in my journals. One day I will look back on all of it, and laugh, smile, and maybe even cry. I know that one day I will be so happy that I documented my whole life, and that I will eventually be able to share it with my children, and grandchildren. Happy writing friends!

Onto the next adventure, Wren


Hello, Seattle

We’ve been home from our 8 day road trip for a week now, and I am finally making time to share our pictures. (If you know me, you know that there’s A LOT.)  I decided to do a post for each city, instead of bombarding you all with all of them at once.

We started our west coast road trip in Salt Lake City, and then we were off to Seattle! We stopped in La Grande, OR on the way and spent a night there since it was half way from Salt Lake to Seattle.
Fun fact: I’ve been wanting to visit the city of Seattle since I was fourteen years old.

For some reason, I had a feeling that I loved the city of Seattle before I ever went there. Let me just say, that it did not disappoint. Derek and I both fell in love with it. We only had two days in Seattle, but we had so much fun!  There were fresh fruit markets, and fresh flowers everywhere. The weather was perfect, there was dogs everywhere we went, and the people were all so nice. We stayed with our friends Kenzie and Joe. It was so good to catch up with them, and see their cute apartment.

This pizza was 14 inches long and only $5.99! ^^^

I love you Seattle, we will definitely be back!

Onto the next adventure, Wren


1st Anniversary in Moab

Hi guys! I have figured out how to use my new video editing software. I am still learning and messing around with it, so be patient with me. 😉  I finally made time out of my crazy schedule to finish this video. We’re going on vacation this week, but as soon as I find the time again, I will be finishing and posting more videos! (Including our home renovation.)

Thanks for watching!

Onto the next adventure, Wren


6th habit & opening up about my skin

Can you believe that this year is already half way over? We are on the down slope to Christmas now! (And yes, I am very excited about that)  but onto my 6th healthy new habit!)

My skin has always been something I’ve struggled with. I have the most sensitive skin in the world, and I am prone to just about every single thing that you can have wrong with your skin. Acne, dryness, oil, moles, warts, ingrown hairs, cold sores, you name it,  I’ve had it. Also, my skin and the sun do not get along. My arms get sunburned from driving in the car. I’ve been on many medications (including accutane) for my skin that have caused some side effects to my health, I’ve been bullied for my skin, and I use to spend many hours crying about being known as the “girl with acne”.  It’s been a long struggle, but I’ve learned over the years what works for my skin, and what doesn’t. I am finally starting to love my skin, so I am doing everything I possibly can to take care of it!

Here I am at seven years ago, with my future husband, and my future hair color. I’d think this picture was taken yesterday until I look at my poor skin. (and derek’s hair, LOL)


Since I live in a dessert, that feels like an oven this time of year, I made it a habit this month to moisturize my skin daily. I’ve always been good about taking my make up off every night, and washing my face twice a day, but moisturizing my skin was like flossing my teeth, I’d think about it, but it was never part of my daily routine.  I make sure to moisturize not only my face, but my whole body as well. My skin looks brighter,  and it’s much healthier.  I have never loved it more, and I don’t think it’s ever loved me more. 😉 This is the moisturizer I am using right now. It has the perfect amount of moisture, but it doesn’t make my skin oily at all. I hardly feel it!



The whole Probiotic skin care line is amazing! Below are a few of my absolute favorites.You can find it on Amazon or at most beauty supply stores.


The other day at work, a lady said to me “you have the most beautiful skin.” I just about lost it in tears. I have never had that compliment in my entire life. She didn’t know it, but she made my whole day.

It’s an everyday struggle to feel confident in my skin, but I have a few tips that work very well for me. I notice such a difference in my skin and the way I feel about myself when I do these things. I hope they can make you feel the same!

  1. Drink A LOT of water. If you are dehydrated your skin will show it.
  2. Eat healthy foods. Just like water, your skin will show what you’ve been eating, so try to stay away from greasy and fatty foods.
  3. Avoid the sun! Everyone needs some vitamin D, but your skin will survive better without it.  Wear sunscreen, wear hats, or stay in the shade. I am a freak when it comes to sunscreen.(I got made fun of for it in high school) But there is nothing I hate more than a bad sunburn. I only buy foundation that has SPF in it, and if I am feeling a little on the pale side, self tanner is the way to go! 
  4. Use good products. Just like hair products, your skin needs good products, even if it means splurging a little. Stay away from convenient store make ups and face washes and shop at beauty supply stores instead. You will notice a huge difference!
  5. Give your skin a break. Just like we all need to a break from clothes every once in a while, your skin needs a break from make up. Let those pores breathe and skip the make up a few times a month!
  6. Cleanse twice a day. I feel like a complete mess if I don’t wash my face every morning and night. Your skin naturally produces more oil at night time, and your pillow case doesn’t help at all. I think It’s a no brainer of why you should wash your make up off every night. The worst thing you can do to your face is pile layers of make up on top of old make up.


These tips are just from my personal experiences and lessons learned. Let’s all learn to accept our skin,  feel confident in it, and keep glowing.

Onto the next adventure, Wren