7th New Habit

I can’t get over the fact that July is already over. This year has been so exciting for us, especially the last couple of months. But I am so ready for fall time, and for this heat to go away!

Since we were traveling most of the month of July, I had to choose a new habit that I could do at home, and on the days that we were away from home. I decided to pick one of my hobbies, and make it a habit to do it every day. I kept journals from elementary school to high school, but eventually I got tired of writing down the things I did every single day. I got bored with it, and would just write down things just because I felt like I needed to, not because I wanted to. That’s when I resorted to blogging instead. I liked the idea of being able to share my experiences with the world, and include all of the pictures I take.

I got two new journal prompt books as gifts. One of them is a five year memory book and one is another one that I only write one line every day. Some times I write the things I did that day, some times I write about my feelings, and other days I just write about simple things, like the weather.


I love this book because I can easily look back to last year and compare how much has changed, and how much I have grown in the past year. I have made it a habit to write in this book every night before bed, so that I don’t have to look back at my calendar and play catch up.

The second book is a journal, but instead of just writing about the things I did that day, each page has a writing prompt on it, so I always know exactly what to write about. I don’t write in this one every day, but I love to pick it up when i get my writing urge, or need some extra inspiration that day.


Writing has always been my favorite escape. I’m so thankful to have such easy access to it, whether it’s typing about my life on my computer, or writing in my journals. One day I will look back on all of it, and laugh, smile, and maybe even cry. I know that one day I will be so happy that I documented my whole life, and that I will eventually be able to share it with my children, and grandchildren. Happy writing friends!

Onto the next adventure, Wren


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