Less Than 24 Hours in San Francisco

Derek and I were almost tired of traveling by the time we arrived in San Francisco. By then, we had been on our road trip for a whole week, and we had spent about 35 hours in the car.

We checked into our hotel, and couldn’t help but laugh when we saw our room. I booked one of the cheapest hotels I could find in downtown San Francisco, and you definitely get what you pay for!It was pretty much a hostel. We even had to share the shower and toilet with our whole floor. I had it booked for two nights, but we woke up in the morning, decided we couldn’t stay there any longer, and checked out early. It’s definitely a funny story to tell, but I learned my lesson. (1 star hotels really mean 1 star hotels!)

Since we only had less than 24 hours to see this beautiful city, we made the most of it and saw all of the things we really wanted to see. We went to the beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, and China town. We saw the golden gate bridge, the painted ladies, and the full house house. I am sad that we were rushed, tired, and just wanted our own bed (and shower) while we were there,  but it gives us an excuse to go back. (For a longer amount of time in a better hotel.)

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to see the golden gate bridge. I couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing it with my own eyes. I almost cried when we drove under it. I love the feeling of crossing things off my bucket list, and especially having someone who constantly wants to do it with me.

I love this foggy, beautiful charming city. We will be back San Francisco!

Onto the next adventure, Wren

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