Our Roadtrip Down the West Coast

I finally got around to making this video from our West Coast road trip! The pacific North west is by far the most beautiful place I have ever been to, especially the coast. I have been wanting to visit Oregon, Washington, and northern California for as long as I can remember, and now I get to re-live it all through this video.

We left July 7, and returned home July 16th, 2016. 8 days, 6 states, 5 big cities, 2,500 miles, and 45 hours of driving time. Traveling with Derek is by far my all time favorite thing in this world. We love exploring new places together, and he puts up with my obsession to capture almost every single moment of it.

Thanks for watching!

Onto the next adventure, Wren

Harvey’s first trip to Cedar Mountain

Hunting season is in full swing, and I am going on weekend 3 out of 4 without having Derek home. I am such a baby when it comes to being without him. I admire people who have long distance relationships, spouses who are in the miliatary, etc. because I can barely get through the three days out of the week that he doesn’t have phone service. (hahaha)

14202696_1079416458778109_7170606480336696166_n_zpsjcofjdow14265014_1079416472111441_1896606801260531028_n_zpsh0j5veevSince we haven’t taken Harvey camping yet, I decided to take him up last Friday and spend the night in the woods on Cedar Mountain with him and Derek. (And my father in law, Randy, brother in laws Jake, and Axel, and family friend, Craig) it was nice to get away for the night and not have to stress about work or my crazy, busy life. Harvey had a lot of fun! He loved the cooler weather and squirrels. He even helped Derek scout out some deer, but barked at them, so they ran away. I am glad they were just does, or else I’d have a very upset husband. 😉

On Saturday morning, Derek took us to a new look out point that I haven’t been to yet. It was 75 degrees, there wasn’t anything in sight besides pine trees and Zion National park. And no one else was there besides Derek, Harvey, and I. It was one of my favorite moments. I wish every morning started that way. I will never take the beauty of this world for granted.
We headed back to camp to cook breakfast, and Shara and Michele were arriving with Duke. He was not very fond of Harvey. I think he was jealous, but hey if our dogs are the only ones who fight in our family, all is okay. Harvey and I came home Saturday afternoon since I had to help with wedding planning that night. We are currently both anxious to have Derek back home tonight! Happy Labor Day friends, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday!Onto the next adventure, Wren