Our Honeymoon Video

Derek and I took our honeymoon 5 months after our wedding last year. We decided to save the money that we got from our wedding, and plan our honeymoon later, so that we could go somewhere that we really wanted to go. It worked out great for us! Once our wedding was over, we still had something to look forward to and count down to, and we were in the “honeymoon stage” for six months straight. Okay, who am I kidding? I don’t think we will ever get out of the honeymoon stage. 😛

So a year ago today, we took a Caribbean cruise for 8 days, and traveled to San Juan, St. Thomas, Grand Turk, and the Bahamas. It was just what we needed to warm up from the cold fall, spend alone time with each other, and take a vacation filled with beaches, sunshine, and endless food. I miss our honeymoon every single day, but I am so glad I made this video to look back (and laugh) on.

Thanks for watching!

Onto the next adventure, Wren



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