Lifestyle Pictures by Katelyn Marie




Untitled2Untitled3When my dear friend Katelyn started doing photography, I knew that I wanted her to take lifestlye pictures of Harvey and us in our home. Every day I wake up in our cozy Dursteler abode to puppy kisses and my handsome husband. Our life is so simple right now. It’s happy, and easy going. This year I have became aware that we are currently living in our “good ol’ days.” And I never take a single one of them for granted.12




3I know that in ten years, or even five years down the road, our life together will be different. It will still be beautiful, but I am sure that it will be more messy and more busy. We will most likely have little people who need to be taken care of, a lack of sleep, more established careers, and less alone time together. I wanted to capture the memories that we are making together in this simple time of our lives. So that we can always remember our “good old days” in our happy home with our Harvey boy. I know that I will always cherish this time of our lives, and I am so happy that I have these photos to hold onto it forever.























1617On another note, if you need an amazing photographer contact Katelyn. She has quite a lot of talent when it comes to a camera! Instagram: kvtelynmvriephoto




Onto the next adventure, Wren

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