“Our Love Story”

I made this video for our wedding reception (almost two years ago?!) but I thought I would share it today because on this day, eight years ago, Derek came into my life. We met downtown Saint George, UT at the old Blue Bunny Ice Cream building. I was hanging out with a few friends at the electric theater, and one of them wanted to meet up with more friends over at Blue Bunny.

I hardly talked to Derek that night. There were a lot of us there, and I was focused on spending time with the friends that I was hanging out with. I remember Derek asking me what school I went to. I replied “Desert Hills” and he said “me to!” But we later found out, I meant the middle school, and he was a sophomore over at the high school.(WE WERE SO YOUNG) In the short conversations I had with Derek, I thought he was funny and he kept making me laugh with his sarcastic jokes and shy personality.

He later added me as a friend on Myspace and we talked through Myspace messages, MSN messenger, and text messages for a while. When Derek got his car in his April, we started hanging out and spent a lot of time together. He was so easy to talk to, and he made me feel so comfortable and secure. He was my best friend. Eventually, hanging out turned into dates, that strong bond  grew into feelings, and those feelings grew into love.

I can not believe it’s been eight years. I hardly lived life before him. He’s all I really ever known, and I hope I never have to live life without him.

Thanks for reading, and watching!

Onto the next adventure, Wren

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