Celebrating in California

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You all should know by now, that my birthday (I should say birth week) is a pretty big deal to me. I love to do something fun and celebrate as much as I can. I love this life, and I love celebrating it, especially the day that it began.

I had requested my birthday weekend off of work about a month ago. My friends and I were planning a girls trip the week after (this weekend) but plans fell through. I was so upset that my plan to see the ocean soon wasn’t going to work out. Derek mentioned “well you have your birthday weekend off, let’s go then.”

I was originally planning on getting together with my dad for breakfast, spending the day hiking, and maybe having a birthday dinner that night with family and friends. But the ocean did sound like a great idea. We put the idea off for a few days, and I didn’t really plan anything.
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On Tuesday, five days before my birthday, I mentioned to Derek that we should probably figure out if we’re going out of town or not, so I can book the hotel and get planning. He looked at me and said “it’s all done, we leave Friday morning.” I was so happy! If any of you know us personally, you know that I am the one who plans all of our trips, events, hangouts, pretty much everything, because I love to do it. So this was definitely a surprise that caught me off guard. We weren’t just going to the ocean, we were going to Disneyland!

I am such a child at heart, I can’t sleep on Christmas eve, and I definitely can’t sleep if I am going to Disneyland! With hardly any sleep, we left Friday morning and after hitting traffic, we made it to Newport Beach just in time for the sunset. We ate dinner at a cute Italian place on the beach, got a free birthday tiramisu, and went hot tubbing that night at our hotel. It was the perfect ending to my 22nd year of life.




The next day we woke up early (with still no sleep) and spent the whole day in California adventure and Disneyland. To be honest, Tower of Terror being gone and Pirates being closed kind of broke my heart. It was also extremely busy, but there is no such thing as me being sad in Disneyland, or on my birthday. So you can say I was extremely happy all day, like my cheeks hurt the next day from smiling too much, happy.

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Every year that I get older, I fall in love a little more. With myself, with my husband, with our adventures, with this life, and all of the people I share it with. Thank you for all of the birthday love! It was magical.

Onto the next adventure, Wren

(Disney video coming soon!)