Derek’s 24th Birthday Adventure


18156853_1295619263824493_1791758317188019524_nI know you all know by now that my birthday is a big deal to me, but my husband’s is just as important. I always say there are two types of people in the world. “Those that love birthdays, and those who think of them as just another day.” Derek is the latter of the two. He knew exactly what he was getting into when he married me though. If there is something to celebrate, I will celebrate and he has no choice but to celebrate his birthday (and every other thing) when I’m around!


Two weeks before his birthday, I told him that he wasn’t allowed to work because I already had requested his birthday off, and he should do the same. We didn’t have anything planned, but I figured a day with no plans or work in the middle of the week would be a great birthday!

The night before Derek’s birthday, we celebrated with our friends and went to Buffalo wild wings for dinner. I am sad that I didn’t get any pictures. I tend to forget pictures a lot when we’re hanging out with friends, but I guess if I am too busy having fun to remember to take pictures, then that means we have some good friends. (I promise they exist. 😉 )


Derek’s birthday was on a Wednesday, and since I was leaving town Thursday, I wanted to spend every minute with him. We slept in (because we could) until Harvey woke him up with birthday kisses, and I surprised him up with his new gifts. I got him a book that he wanted, and a Nutri Bullet Pro. He’s been wanting a new blender for a while, and since we’re not big on spending money on things, I figured his birthday was the perfect reason to splurge and finally buy him one.


The weather was perfect that day, so we went to breakfast at the Egg and I, and then decided to go hiking! Lately, we’ve been going on hikes around our town that we haven’t done before.  We have so many beautiful trails around us, and we like to take advantage of them and experience new hikes. Derek googled easy hikes that allowed pets, and we chose the first one. We ended up going out to Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Neither one of us had been out there for a while, or with Harvey, so we figured a mile and a half in a new place would be perfect!18056744_1295619543824465_4924690347200684059_n18118635_1295619343824485_7359242659611281388_n
We ended up getting lost and off trail, so our 45 minute hike turned into 2 1/2 hours. We ran out of water, Harvey got really hot (and laid down every time he saw shade) and we had never been more happy to FINALLY see our truck. I am just glad it wasn’t any longer and that it wasn’t the middle of summer. It was probably the last thing Derek wanted to do on his birthday, but it was an adventure, like it always is with us, and we had fun!




We ended up taking a long afternoon nap when we got home, and Harvey was tired for the next 3 days, but in the end it was worth it, and a funny story to tell. And just like every time we get outside, I came home with a little more appreciation of this home of our’s. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the natural beauty that is right around us.18058122_1295619657157787_757939691062040263_n18056691_1295619570491129_3243914655438934764_n


We met up with Derek’s family for dinner, and watched Netflix when we got home. Derek says he is thankful that I am someone who thinks birthdays are a big deal, because (SURPRISE) he enjoyed having a whole day off together with Harvey and I, and spending time with his friends and family to celebrate him and his life.


Onto the next adventure, Wren

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