Our weekend in Park City

When Demi told me that her grandparents lived in Midway, I knew that we had to plan a trip together to go visit. I was so happy when she invited us to join her mom, Austin, and her on their weekend getaway.

Park City has been on our state to-do list for a while now, Derek hadn’t been since he was a baby, and I hadn’t been since I was a kid. Like most of our short trips, we had so much fun and I wondered why we waited so long to visit.

We enjoyed our time spent with Austin and Demi, and her family. We loved the small town feel, cute little mom and pop shops, and the 70 degree weather. We rode the alpine slide, ate too much food, stayed up too late, and I reminded myself how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful state and to be surrounded by such great people.


Leaving town for the weekend has always been one of my favorite things to do, especially this time of year since it is too hot to do anything outside. In the last couple of years, Derek and I have seen almost everything we want to see in our home state, Utah, and (surrounding areas) thanks to these short weekend trips.  Some of the things we’ve done together, Derek or I had done before growing up, but it is so much different since we’re older now and get to experience it together.


Our Utah list that we’ve seen/done together: (and have spent a short weekend doing so)

  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Zion National Park
  • Moab (Arches National Park)
  • Camping on Cedar Mountain
  • Ice Skating in Cedar City
  • Clubbing in Las Vegas
  • See a Las Vegas Show
  • Snowboarding in Brian Head
  • Christmas Lights at Temple Square/Salt Lake City
  • Lake Powell (AZ)
  • The North Rim of the Grand Canyon
  • Park City

Things that are still on our list:

  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Camp on a house boat on Lake Powell
  • Visit the Salt Flats
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Capitol Reef National Park

If you are like me and love to see the beauty that this world has to offer, I suggest you start planning weekend getaways. They’re fun, cheap, and a non a stressful way to travel. Especially if you stay in your home state and get to spend time with friends and family while doing so!

Onto the next adventure, Wren

Life Update


I can not get over the fact that this year is already half way over, but like I always say June is the halfway mark for Christmas, and I hope that brightens your day like it does mine. It has been such a crazy busy year for us, but it has all been so exciting, especially these last couple of months. Between working full time, weddings, graduations, celebrations, finishing our bathroom renovations, and leaving town, these last couple of months have been so busy, but so fun for us.

Since April 1st, I have left town every other weekend. On the weekends that I am home, I have been attending weddings or working weddings. I don’t even put away my suit case away anymore, and even though I don’t have my weekends lately, I absolutely love it. When I am not working weddings, I am traveling, and when I am not traveling, I am working weddings. These last couple of months have been an absolute dream.

At the end of April, I made my way up to Salt Lake to help my dad run his work booth at Prepper con. Ali joined us too. It was fun to help him work and spend time together. I ended up flying home early to make it to Maddy and Jace’s wedding. Like I said traveling and weddings are consuming my life lately. (I am not complaining.)


Since then, I have been to Vegas twice. On April 29, I went there to celebrate Demi’s bachelorette party. We had so much fun having girl time, celebrating her as a bride to be, and getting away for the weekend.goofdsfds


On May 13, my sisters and I went back to Vegas to celebrate my mom’s birthday and mothers day with her. (Lucky her, they fell into the same weekend this year) We went to a Blue October concert, laid by the pool, and laughed way too hard.18835565_1329153017137784_6617530104631430438_n


Vegas twice and Salt Lake was a lot for me in 5 weeks, especially since I was busy with weddings all day on the weekends that I was home. But on top of all of it, I also went to a resort right outside of Lake Powell. I was there  to work an event with Forevermore events last week. Let’s just say I had a blast, and if you didn’t already know, I love my job!

Styling and Design: Forevermore Events
Floral: Bloomers


Between all of this, we celebrated Demi and Austin getting married on May 6th. The wedding was magical, and we are so happy for our best friends to officially  be”The Beckers”.



We also celebrated Ali graduating from high school! It’s kind of freaking me out that she is old enough to not be in school anymore, and I am now understanding what it feels like to “feel older”. But I am so excited for her and her new adventures to come.


It has been an exciting few weeks filled with new beginnings and changes. I’d say I was excited to have a weekend to stay home and finish my bathroom renovations this week, but I worked two weddings all weekend, and we actually heading to Provo today for a couple of days to attend our training for China. (Yes that means I’m currently packing my suit case again.)

Speaking of China, Derek and I got assigned to our city! We will be teaching Kindergarten in the city of Changzhou! We don’t really know where that is, or what that means, but hey we’re excited. We will know more about our city and assignment after our training this week. It is coming up so fast, and we are so thankful for all of the nice comments and support that we’ve received!


(My sister’s cute senior photos by Katelyn Orme^^^)

Since we are leaving so soon, we have been taking advantage of our free time and doing the things that we will miss most with the people that we love. I am usually not a huge fan of summer time. I actually get depressed when it starts getting hot, and I like to become a hermit and stay inside or migrate to the mountains where it’s cooler. (I know most people are opposite, but I am a winter lover. Shout out to all of you oddballs like myself!) But this year is different, I want to advantage of these next couple of months and get out as much as I can when I have the time, no matter how hot it is. In the last couple of weeks, we have been swimming, camping, and we even made it to the lake with our friends.


I keep telling myself that life as we know it is about to change and that these next couple of months should be something like “THE LAST GREAT SUMMER” For some reason, I have a feeling that things will be different when we come back.  Maybe it’s because a few of our friends are moving away this fall and we’re leaving everything that we know for a short amount of time.  I guess that is part of growing up. Things change and people change, but I am so ready to take advantage of the time that we do have with our friends and family and make this summer the best one yet before we go.


This summer will mark two years of marriage for us, and EIGHT years since we fell in love. By the way that it is going so far, I think it will be my most favorite summer we’ve spent together. We are in such an exciting time of our life, and we have so many things to look forward to. So here’s to change, here’s to making memories, here’s to the people we love, and here’s to you SUMMER. I usually dislike you, but I promise I am doing my best to love you this year.18765932_1329153110471108_7695634101890183071_n

Onto the next adventure, Wren