It’s FINALLY August

Happy August friends! We’ve been looking forward to this month all year, but I can’t believe it is already here. Only 26 more days until we leave the country! We’ve officially moved out our house and into my mom’s for the next few weeks. We miss our house already, but knowing that it is temporary has made it easier. Call us crazy, but we’re actually excited to live out of our suitcases for the next six months!











Harvey has been very confused why we are not going back home, and why we are sleeping with him at my mom’s house. He’s been having bad separation anxiety because I think he can sense that we’re leaving. It’s been hard, but I am glad that he will be well taken care of and be some where that he is familiar with. Derek and I have been soaking up all of the snuggles we can get, and spoiling him even more than we usually do. I miss him already, but I already know that Christmas is going to be super special this year.

(See?…Soooo spoiled)

Like I said in a previous post, Derek and I have been spending as much time with our friends and family as we can before we go. We are so blessed when it comes to the people that we have in our life.

Derek and I threw a “goodbye to our house for now” party a few weeks ago, and all night I was reminded how lucky we are when it comes to friends. I was planning on taking a photo of all of us, but I was having too much fun that I forgot, and I even lost my phone. At least I got these with(a few of) my girls before that happened.

*Life tip: Surround yourself with people who make you forget to check (or in my case, lose) your phone.*

In the last month, we’ve had two little getaways. In the middle of July, we made it up to Kolob to go camping with our friends Jordan and Leslie for the night. Harvey had so much fun in the water and it was so nice to get away to cooler weather and put our tent to use! Like always, we were too busy having fun with our friends so I didn’t take many pictures, but I promise they do exist! 😉

Last week, Derek and I made our way down to Vegas for the night to celebrate our eight years together anniversary and to see one of our favorite bands, Taking Back Sunday. We’ve seen them before, but not for a few years, so it was fun to celebrate being together by seeing them live and listening to the music that we fell in love to. It was nice to get away and have a little break before we had to move all of our stuff out of our house.

We’ve had such a great summer so far, and we’re looking forward to what is in store for us for the rest of this month and year. A lot is changing, but we’re ready for it!

Onto the next adventure, Wren

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