Happiest Halloween in China

Derek and I had no idea if Halloween existed here in China. We quickly learned that it does indeed exist, but it is not as big of a holiday as it is in the US. Not knowing if we would have the chance to celebrate the holiday, we decided to go to Disneyland in Shanghai while it was decorated for Halloween, since we wouldn’t have the chance to go at this time of year back home. Since time keeps slipping away from us, we decided on a Monday to go to Disneyland that Saturday. (Thanks China for making me spontaneous!)

We’ve both been to Disneyland quite a few times. In fact, this time marked two times just in this year. We went back in March to celebrate my birthday…little did I know that six months later, I would be in Disneyland again on the completely other side of the world. It was so fun to experience a different park. It made me want to visit all of the Disney parks. Maybe one day. 😉


To our surprise, Disneyland was decorated for the holiday just like it is back home. In fact it was all very similar to Disneyland back home. But It was half the price to get into the park, half the amount of people, half the line wait times which meant double the magic for us. Derek and I didn’t know what to expect so the day easily exceeded any expectations we had.

The Shanghai park is the newest Disneyland park in the world and we could definitely could tell with the way they used technology and had the park organized– like it was built to accommodate a lot of people. I can now say we’ve visited the oldest and the newest Disneyland parks in the world. In my opinion, that is an accomplishment to brag about.

*These are photos of us with our Disney Chinese yearly horoscope animals.*



Our day in Disneyland was one of my favorite days that we’ve had in China. The park had pumpkins and Halloween decorations everywhere. The air smelled like kettle corn and churros. Every employee could speak English and we even ate real pizza which we haven’t had in months. It was the perfect day to celebrate fall time and Halloween.

We visited Disney on the 21st of October, and leaving the park I thought that that would be all of the Halloween celebrating that we would get this year, but like a lot of things in China, I was surprised and I was wrong.

A couple of days before Halloween, we were told that we would have the day off from teaching and instead participate with the kids in their Halloween party. We were told that we could dress up if we wanted to, but didn’t have to.

If you know me, you know that if there is a reason to dress up, it’s going to happen. We found some items in our school supply room and in less than two hours we had our last minute costumes put together.

The Halloween party was only a couple hours long, it was like a trunk or treat where kids had booths and were handing out candy. All of the kids laughed at us teachers in our costumes and gave us all hundreds pieces of Chinese candy. It was so fun to take a break from teaching and celebrate with these kids that we’ve learned to love so much.


After the party, a few of us teachers made home made Oreo popcorn and started the second season of Stranger Things. We finished the day with game night. This year Halloween was way different than what we’re used to. It made us a little homesick from our friends and family, but it was so fun to learn that even on the completely opposite side of the world if you give a hundred kids candy and costumes, or if you decorate Disneyland with pumpkins and kettle corn…You are bound to have a very happy Halloween.

Also….My grandma sent me this picture of Harvey…he’s on the other side of the world, but he still matched me for Halloween. It made my whole day.


Onto the next adventure, Wren


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