Beautiful little moments in Yangshuo

When I think back to our time in China in a few weeks, I know that Yangshuo will be towards the top of my favorite memories list. We experienced so many beautiful moments that weekend and got to spend a lot of time with the other volunteers here, who have become such great friends.

Not intentionally, sixteen out of the thirty of us went to Yangshuo on the same weekend. We all had little groups that we planned our travels and our hostels with, but we ended up all hanging out since we had the same activities that we wanted to do. These people have become our “China fam” and I am so sad to be leaving them in just 14 days.If you have watched my Yangshuo video, you know that we had a fantastic time in this beautiful little city of southern China. The weather was 80 degrees all weekend which made it perfect for hiking the rice terraces, riding bamboo rafts, and bike riding. It was such a nice little vacation to spend time in the sunshine and get away from our colder city in the month of November.

We rented mopeds both of the days. On the first day, it hit me that we are actually here in China. With my arms above my head and my husband’s back in front of me, flying down West Street and through the Dr. Suess mountains with these beautiful new friends next to me, I felt a complete sense of happiness.I realized that I am actually seeing the world with my best friend, I am doing everything that I always hoped and dreamed that I would do. We had been in China for quite a while by this time, but while riding those mopeds I had the realization of where I was, what I was doing, and who I was with, and out of nowhere it finally hit me.I would tell you that that certain little moment was beautiful, and that it was just that, a beautiful little moment, but the truth is that feeling has lasted much longer than just that little moment. It lasted the rest of the time that we spent in Yangshuo; playing in the mud caves, riding down the river on bamboo rafts, and watching the sunset from the top of the highest mountain.

It lasted the week after we were back in Changzhou. It lasted the whole time I spent teaching my little students. It lasted on all of our little weekend trips, and it has lasted every day since. Ever since I finally came to the realization that we are actually in this place with this people, I have had a sense of complete happiness.










I know that our time is limited here, but I know that Derek and I have each grown so much and our happiness has been at a much higher level than we ever anticipated. In just two weeks we will be heading back “home” and I only hope that I hold onto that feeling of that beautiful little moment forever.If you haven’t watched our Yangshuo video, or if you’re interested in watching it again, it is under the video tab at the top of this page.

Onto the next adventure, Wren

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