Heaven on Earth in Zhangjiajie

The fact that we will be on our way back home this time next week seems crazy to me. Derek and I both feel as if we are completely different people than who we were just four short months ago.Our time in China has changed our lives. We have grown so much as individuals and as a couple and we both agree that this experience is the best thing we have ever done. When I think back to our time in China, I can’t help but feel extremely satisfied with what we’ve done in this short amount of time. The views we’ve seen, the people we’ve met, and the life changing moments and memories we’ve created.When we decided to come to China, we heard about Zhangjiajie National Forest. This place is also called the “Avatar mountains” since these are the mountains that inspired the movie Avatar.

This place is also the home to the tallest glass walkway, the tallest outdoor elevator in the world, and also home to hundreds of wild monkeys, who loved to be social and interact with all of the tourists.

Walking through the all of the trees that were covered in wild monkeys alone made me realize that our China experience has been filled with a bunch of little moments that make me think “Are we seriously doing this right now?!” “I can’t believe this is actually real life!”From photos and research, Derek and I knew that this place was beautiful, but the amount of breath taking views and beauty this place holds was unexpected. We were absolutely blown away and we both agree that this is our favorite thing we have done in China. In fact, we both think it’s our favorite thing we have ever done. (Next to falling in love with each other.)



Since we had one more four day vacation before we head home, we planned our trip to Zhangjiajie back a few weeks ago. Five of our friends decided to join us, and being all girls, Derek put up with us very well. 😉All five of our friends agreed that this place was at the top of their “favorite places in China list” and being able to experience this incredible place with them made us bond closer than we were before.As we were all riding up to the top of Tianmen mountain in a cable car, we couldn’t help but have a moment of silence for this beautiful place that we were actually in. We were all taken back, and could not even comprehend that we were actually there.For a second, I thought that I died and had entered heaven because I could not believe that this place was actually real, and that I was actually in this little cable car with people who I now call friends, completely surrounded by these breath taking views. I wish words and photos could do justice, but I will never be able to show or explain how incredible that life changing moment was.I am sad to leave these beautiful people, this beautiful place and this beautiful chapter of our lives behind, but I am so thankful for these memories and these photos that will fill a huge place in my heart forever.

I will most likely be blogging and posting about China for a while and I can’t promise you that I will ever stop. But next time I post, I will most likely be in in the US, snuggled in my own bed, enjoying american food, with my Harvey boy on my lap and I can’t tell you how excited I am for that.

Onto the next adventure, Wren


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