24th Birthday Shenanigans


I’ve been 24 for just over a week now, and this last week has been so busy and full of celebrations and love. I started this last week by celebrating my birthday and ended it on Saturday with Shara’s Bridal Shower (which will be in a later post.)

You all know by now that holidays are a big deal to me, and especially birthdays. This life I am living is a beautiful one, and I love to celebrate the day it all began. I am not much of a gift person, and would rather spend money on experiences with the people I love. Since my birthday was on a Sunday this year, I decided to celebrate all weekend and squeeze in enough time with most of my favorite people, while also doing something that I enjoy.

29103475_1576762465710170_4590238266011156480_nOn Saturday morning, Derek, Ali and I went to breakfast with Dad. I’ve gone to breakfast with my dad for my birthday for just about as long as I can remember, and it is one of my favorite annual traditions. 28577261_1570407406345676_6350136539396476279_nOn Saturday night, we went to dinner with our friends who feel like family and then like most special occasions, had a little celebration at Garrett’s house after. These people are my people, and I am so thankful for each one of them. We’ve grown up a lot these past few years and have found our own interests, moved away, had a couple marriages, and break ups, but we stay together through it all. I felt so lucky to ring in another birthday with them by my side. 28795046_1570411473011936_46196879728127239_n


28685671_1570410233012060_4062352365210773743_n(The two girls on each side also celebrated a birthday this week! I love my Pisces babes.)

On Sunday, Derek and I woke up early to head up to Brian Head to go snowboarding.  I couldn’t decide what to do for my birthday this year, and snowboarding was something Derek suggested. Slowly but surely, we’re getting better at this hobby that we love to do together. I wish we could do it more often, so it was the perfect idea! Our friends Ryan and Amber also joined us. It snowed the night before, so the snow was amazing. With great weather, great snow, and great company, it was hard not to have a great birthday.28472334_1570411899678560_9079969585630229877_n29136544_1576762475710169_7820484470707847168_nWhen we got home, we had our families come over to our house for ice cream and brownies (because I do not like cake) and spending time with the people who make this life worth while was the perfect ending to my birthday celebrations. We don’t get to choose our family, but if I had the choice, I’d still choose them.

(Harvey had to join in the photos, of course.)


28576523_1570407409679009_9337029184834851_n28783054_1570408796345537_7531500233029817248_n28685830_1570408473012236_7675780340455735467_n28576742_1570408726345544_8016327661831338556_nThis handsome man, who is my grandpa, also celebrated his birthday this week. (I told you so many celebrations!) Most people guess he is about 65, but he turned 79 and is looking better than any other 79 year old I know. He is one of my favorite people, and I wouldn’t want to share my birth week with anyone else.

28685698_1570407803012303_1021394840581021329_nI am ready for you 24. So far, I love you and I think I can thank the people who I am surrounded with for that. I am feeling a little older, but not feeling any less blessed.

Onto the next adventure, Wren


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