Living Area Complete- & Finding our Personal Style

Like always, Derek and I have been so busy this month, and it’s going to stay this way for a while. Between Shara’s wedding, family being in town, friends coming to stay with us, and Derek’s birthday coming up- it’s been a great month filled with celebrations and busy days. With any free time we’ve had, we have spent it working on our home (AKA our Dursteler abode).


30711097_1611800882206328_6476323401148399616_nIn the two years we’ve owned our home, we’ve never had a room that feels 100% complete. There has always been a small project to be done, another furniture piece to be bought, or a small list of things to hang. We kept procrastinating these little projects since we knew we were moving out last fall, but since we’ve been back in our home, we’ve been so inspired and motivated to get things done. And I am so happy to say that our living room and dining rooms are FINALLY complete.



Owning our own home and finding our design style has been one of the most fun things we’ve ever done together. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my personal style while doing so. Derek has too, even though he always just says “whatever you think, I trust you. It always looks good.” I don’t know what the exact word for my design style would be, but I’d say its a mix between modern, mid-century and minimalist.30709639_1611800968872986_2957857222710788096_n



30744010_1611801072206309_8148697693850435584_nNothing makes me happier or more inspired than nature, so I love to decorate with blues and browns and of course, green plants to bring the feeling of the outdoors in. I also have learned that I am a lover of neutral colors. I used to think that I always loved a bright pop of color, and while I do in other homes, I have learned that I am personally most content surrounded by gray, white, brown, and black.



As far as decorations go, I have learned that I love decorating with items that have purpose to Derek and I. Whether that is personal photos, our favorite books, souvenirs from our travels, or a good hand-me down furniture piece like this rocking chair that my mother was rocked in as a baby, as well my nieces, sisters, and I.



30710071_1611800965539653_3469650250166173696_n30708788_1611800822206334_3685760025109725184_nWe love things that make our house feel like our home and coming from a minimalist point of view, we don’t like things that don’t have purpose to us or make our space feel too cluttered. I am also a lover of candles. I don’t think there is one room in our house that doesn’t have at least two candles.

30703883_1611801132206303_9153202428835790848_n30707063_1611800808873002_201616257479344128_n (1)

30762772_1611800892206327_7250540167339966464_nI have changed these two rooms a lot, I have got rid of furniture and decorations that I don’t love, and have spent a lot of money and time filling these rooms with things I do love. I’ve redecorated, re arranged, re organized and just about again remodeled these spaces to make it feel like the way I want it to. I think it’s important to have your home reflect who you are. Your home should make you feel comfortable, inspired, and happy. If it doesn’t do these things, get rid of the things that don’t have purpose to you and fill your home with things that do.

Onto the next adventure, Wren

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