From Spring to Summer-Life update

32407104_1635974573122292_3279078045821960192_nWe’ve been so busy with friends, family, vacations, and celebrations, that I haven’t had time to write for about a month. Since I usually blog one-two times a week, this has made me miss it so much. But the time spent with the people we love most in this world, and the memories we have made in the last few weeks have been so worth missing a little time for my personal hobby.

32367051_1635980729788343_7831806038859841536_n32454851_1635978783121871_379640959681429504_n (1)

Since I mostly blog for myself, and to keep track of where I was at in life at a certain time, I decided that this post will be a little life update since so much has happened, and I haven’t found the time to write about it. (I know I know, you’d rather see my travel pictures from Costa Rica) I promise those will all be posted soon, as well as a video. Just give me some more time. 😉


Exactly a month ago, Derek’s sister, Shara got married. I was lucky enough to be her maid of honor. It was the most perfect day, and I was so excited to be apart of the whole planning process and the bridal party. I am so happy for her and Axel, I can’t wait to see the professional photos!


31206473_1618020254917724_5864666169243336704_nA few days after that, on April 19th, we celebrated Derek’s birthday. He turned 25! I can not believe how old we are getting, but I am so proud of the person he’s grown into and am so excited to spend another year with him by my side. I am so lucky to grow old with the same person I grew up with. His life is my most favorite part of mine and I love celebrating the day it began. We both worked on his birthday and then went to dinner with his family. We didn’t take any pictures, so here’s a cute selfie of us in Costa Rica. 32418018_1635978623121887_8536932114292015104_nThat following weekend, we had a few friends that we met in China come stay with us. They all live in different areas of Utah, but we haven’t had the chance to see them since we were all on the other side of the world. We went hiking in Snow Canyon and showed them our favorite restaurants around Saint George. Even though these people were complete strangers only a year ago, the connections I have with them are some of the deepest connections I’ve ever had. It amazes me what traveling together can do to friendships. I love them all so much, and was so happy to catch up and spend time with them.




31144031_1616323501754066_1845650148349181952_n31144031_1616323501754066_1845650148349181952_n (1)

The following weekend, Alyssa was in town from Salt Lake to celebrate her birthday.  Yup, more visitors and another birthday. (I told you we are busy). Even though I don’t see her as often as I would like, she still makes me laugh until I cry and nothing ever changes when we are together. She’s my ride or die, and I am so thankful for her and the day she was born.



This last weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day AND my mom’s birthday. (Are you even surprised?) Her birthday is on May 13th, so it’s always within the same week as Mother’s Day, but this year it was actually on the same day! Even though she is getting older, she hasn’t aged a day since the early 2000s. JUST LOOK AT HER.



I had to work our annual Mother’s Day brunch at the golf club, but since it was my mom’s birthday and Whitney, Tyler, and the girls were in town, my family decided to come into my work to celebrate. Derek, Shara and their parents even joined. It was so fun to have my whole family, including my in laws, and my grandparents, visit me at work and celebrate the beautiful mothers in my life together as one big family.


32326704_1635974576455625_7136732377333628928_nThrough Derek finishing finals, working full time, the bachelorette party in Vegas, the wedding, celebrating birthdays, my grandpa going into surgery for a new knee, packing our bags and leaving to Costa Rica for a week, and celebrating Mother’s Day, I have noticed and been focusing on a very important thing. And that is the connection I have with the people around me. Whether that is family, old friends, friends of friends, friends of family, or new friends- I love the people around me with all of my heart. And it’s become one of my favorite qualities about myself.



32389758_1635978636455219_8773640337638817792_nIt’s been a long time coming, but I have taught myself to accept people for who they are and always try to understand where they are coming from. Lately I have learned to let go of all my grudges and forgive. People change, life changes, sometimes our connections grow stronger and sometimes they fade away, but we are all trying our best. The people in my life are my most prized possessions, and I am so thankful for the connections I have with every single one of them.


32416465_1635980713121678_4793452474662912000_n32512044_1635974643122285_9111136608605700096_nHere’s to a very happy Summer! I hope you all find your people, and if you’ve already found them, remember to reach out to them, hold them close, and love each one of them with all of your heart.

Note to self: Human connection is the most important thing in this life, don’t ever forget that.

Onto the next adventure, Wren


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