The beauty of Costa Rica-My point of view

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Hola friends!

I decided to split our travel photos from Costa Rica into two separate blog posts, since I have way too many to put them all in one. This post features all of the photos I personally took to showcase the beauty of Costa Rica.  (besides the one above, thanks husband) The next post will be more like a journal entry with photos of us and our “Costa Crew”.

I am also currently working on a video!



32454270_1637138673005882_3669272457409200128_nWhen our friend, Nik, and us decided that Costa Rica was the perfect spot for our vacation, I immediately started researching what was there besides tropical beauty. I learned that Costa Rica is known for a few things; surfing, sloths, coffee, chocolate, monkeys, and beautiful landscapes of jungle and oceans. We experienced it all, including seeing this sloth on the side of the road. 32392194_1637145449671871_813621046727933952_n32532366_1637145436338539_680461392511238144_n


*This butterfly can disguise itself as an owl or a snake*

Like most places we visit, the beauty did not disappoint. In fact, Derek and I were both surprised how beautiful it truly was. It felt a lot like Hawaii to us, the main difference being the cost of everything, and the locals speaking Spanish.

31598614_1637138476339235_3422966743092428800_n32557077_1637138449672571_7968060891323170816_n32561084_1637138439672572_7382323761279664128_n31576794_1637138289672587_6353129217814691840_nWe stayed in the areas of La Fortuna and Jaco, and absolutely loved both. La Fortuna was in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle, and Jaco was the perfect little beach town. We spent our time swimming in the ocean, hiking through jungles, zip-lining through a forest, rafting down a river, chasing waterfalls, and indulging in way too much food.

32535019_1637138259672590_6773903946873307136_n32678999_1637138253005924_5097036306630836224_n32722748_1637138309672585_3370012046895611904_n32484591_1637138213005928_1121905385393881088_nThe whole time we were there, I constantly wondered why I don’t live by the ocean already. I even found the perfect beach house.

32423283_1637138556339227_13945849004425216_n32588520_1637138443005905_1223147110409437184_n32724798_1637138559672560_5199336977308057600_nWhen I was younger, I had a very long bucket list with very specific places I wanted to visit. As I get older, I’ve had chances to experience places I never planned on seeing and have realized that no matter where I’m at in this world, I will always find beauty.  The more I go-the more I want to see. I know that list will probably never be completed, but I am happy to constantly be adding to it and making memories while doing so. So goodbye bucket list, HELLO WORLD. I am also so happy to have a piece of my heart left in a new place, and to have my best friend by my side to experience it all with me. I will never take that for granted.

This world is beautiful, please take every chance you get to go see it.32687058_1637138666339216_6634555330682421248_n32369720_1637138133005936_8607354335107481600_n

Below are the links to the two beautiful homes that we had the chance to stay in.

La Fortuna-


Pura Vida! and onto the next adventure, Wren

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