Costa Rica- with our Costa Crew

IMG_0264Hola again my friends, the post travel depression has officially hit. I have been scrolling through these photos for the last two weeks, and as happy as I am to share them, I can’t help but wish I was still there. (I know, I know-DUH!) Also, I just finished my travel video and I am so excited to share that with you, but first- Blog Post!IMG_0143ACYH8582NGTE8661Do any of you that travel with friends often have names for the groups you go with? Our group we went to China with has a group chat called ILPeeps (since the program was ILP), then we have our bestchinafam- who are our best friends from China, and now we have our Costa Crew. IMG_7887IMG_7480FDVW2238Our Costa crew started back in summer of last year when Derek and I talked to our friend Nik about planning a trip with a group of friends. We talked about Thailand and Costa Rica. A few of our friends decided that they were going to Costa Rica in the fall, and since we would be in China, we wouldn’t be able to go. We thought that’s okay, we will make it Thailand next year.


IMG_7882IMG_7884When they ended up not going to Costa Rica in the fall, we talked to Nik about planning our trip when we got back. We mentioned Thailand again, but just coming home from Asia and dreading that 22 hour travel time again, we decided that Costa Rica would be a better option at the time. A few weeks past, we invited friends here and there, and since we didn’t want it to end up being a thing we just once talked about like it was last summer, we bought our plane tickets with our next paycheck.UJBV8346

IMG_0133IMG_7906Our Costa Crew was made up of old friends, new friends, friends of friends, and complete strangers. And it was perfect. There was 12 of us that went which made it the perfect size group for renting our airbnb’s (for cheap!) and using two rental cars.IMG_7900IMG_7605IMG_7672IMG_7370We spent our days in the sun-surfing, boogie boarding, skim boarding, swimming, zip lining, and hiking, and indulging in way too much food.IMG_7821.JPGJLZVE0722IMG_7795IMG_0243Leslie and I also went through a butterfly observatory, and I hugged every puppy I saw.IMG_0310IMG_7565IMG_7762We spent our nights having heart to heart conversations, laughing until we cried, and dancing the night away. (Seriously I don’t think I have ever danced so much in one week.) IMG_7481IMG_7522IMG_7654IMG_7506Being to three new countries in the last year all with a different group of people, I have learned a lot about traveling with people, weather they are friends or complete strangers. And me being me, I am going to share a few of those lessons I have learned:

  1. Everyone travels differently, and that is okay. Some people prefer fancy hotels, while other people are fine camping on the beach. Some people prefer having a detailed itinerary months before they depart, and other people buy the plane ticket and just figure it out. Everyone has different personalities, accept this before you leave and learn to go with the flow. It is part of traveling with groups.

VXAX1176IMG_77592. It’s up to your mindset how the trip goes. You know me, I believe in the power of the mind, but it is true. Things are going to go wrong, spending 8 days straight with the same people may drive you crazy. Not everyone is going to always agree on things, but if you have in your mind that you’re in a new part of the world with people who have similar interests and dreams as you, it will be hard not to have the time of your life. IMG_7683Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

IMG_76503.The bond you make with these people will be strong. Like really strong. From drunk dancing to backstreet boys at 3AM to having to translate and play charades to the locals together- you will have very intimate moments with the people you travel with. The strangers will become friends, and your friends will become better friends. I may not see these people often, or even talk to a few of them again, but I will always cherish the memories I made with them just because they are a part of some of the best memories of my life. And that is a bond that we would never make sitting at home.IMG_7720

IMG_7888IMG_7889Just like my China fam, I will love my Costa crew forever. This week was the perfect week to kick off our summer, and it makes me so excited for the new memories and adventures in our future. I hope you are all following your dreams, finding your people, and taking advantage of this beautiful world we live in.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetIMG_7841

Now where to next?

Onto the next adventure, Wren



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