Our 3rd Anniversary in the mountains

AXNT9526BZTE8560If you know Derek and I at all (or have been a reader of my blog for a while) you know that we are not gift givers. We always celebrate our anniversary and birthdays by doing something, rather than spending money on gifts for each other. If we do happen to get gifts, they are nothing extravagant. This year for our anniversary, I surprised Derek with the video in my previous post and he surprised me with a bottle of wine and a bouquet of my favorite flowers. Simple, but cheap and heart felt. Just like our lifestyle 😉AQCP7401We spent our first anniversary in Moab all weekend, hiking arches, and spent our second anniversary in Salt Lake at our training for China. We knew we wanted to celebrate(obviously), but since our anniversary fell on a Tuesday this year, it was hard to plan anything extravagant with our work and school schedule. We decided to drive a couple of hours to one of our favorite places and escape the heat. We thought that a long drive to the mountains, a quick hike and an easy dinner would be a great idea, and it was.AEKG3274MOXJ1698It was about 65 degrees in Brian Head, which was 35 degrees cooler than home that day. Since I was wearing shorts, I was almost cold, but I was not complaining. Harvey loved every minute of it. We took a short little hike, played Frisbee with Harvey, grabbed pizza at our favorite pizza place, took the truck off roading, and of course, took pictures.PDHI7294ESQF0373Since we’ve left town the last two years, this was our first anniversary spent with Harvey. He sure was happy to come along this year and we were happy to have him. Even though I told Derek, “Oh no, it looks like our anniversaries alone are slowly coming to an end.” 😉OSQC6479OCCD0578On our long drive home, we reminisced over our marriage and our last three years together, and realized that we’ve done A LOT. Way more than I ever imagined I would accomplish by the age of 24, especially with a husband. I used to think that 24 was the perfect age to get married for many reasons, but looking at this list and thinking back on the last three years, I can’t imagine it any differently. I wouldn’t change a thing. I made this list for our sake, to look back on and laugh and see how far we go in the next 3, 10, 20 years. But read it if you’d like. 🙂

Things we’ve accomplished together in our first three years of marriage:

  • Left the country together for the first time and spent a week in the Caribbean.
  • Bought our first home, and remodeled it all ourselves.
  • Adopted our Harvey boy.
  • Checked Arches National Park off my bucket list (Derek had already been).
  • Drove 2,500 miles down the West Coast and experienced Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.
  • Derek lost 55 pounds.
  • Experienced Disneyland together for the first time as husband and wife (We also went when we were dating, and engaged).
  • Took a break from everything we knew, and moved across the world to China.
  • Spent a weekend in Korea, and experienced our fourth country together.
  • Spent 14 weeks straight without leaving each other’s side, and felt the happiest we’ve ever been.
  • Experienced Disneyland for the fourth time together-in China!
  • Held each other through all of the good times, like being apart of our favorite peoples’ weddings, and celebrating our favorite holidays.
  • And the bad times, like saying goodbye to Derek’s childhood dog, Duke.
  • I also got my event planning certificate, and Derek went back to school for his bachelor’s degree.
  • And most recently, we spent a week in Costa Rica with some of our best friends- making it our fifth country we’ve been to together.




EWXJ3741RLCF0635We’ve celebrated, adventured, struggled with personal issues, laughed until we cried, cried until we laughed, made memories with our families, sang and danced everywhere together– from the shower, to the car, to live concerts. We’ve created new friendships, held on tight to the old ones, experienced culture shock and jet lag, had intimate, embarrassing, and vulnerable moments. And most of all, been together through it all. My marriage is my favorite thing about this life of mine, and at the rate it’s going, I don’t think that will ever change.QLGG9294IMG_8425Here’s to three years, and many more. I can’t wait!

Onto the next adventure, Wren

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