Two Little Figs 4.14.18

Shara-Axel-Wedding-436First, I want to say HOW CUTE ARE MY IN LAWS?? Man, I love these beautiful souls and am so lucky to be a part of such a fun, accepting, loving family.


Shara-Axel-Wedding-431.jpgNow, onto the post—-> Since Shara’s new last name is Figueroa, she decided to call her wedding “two little figs” she used this as her social media hashtag and wrote it on her welcome board, etc. I thought it was such a cute idea, so I am naming this post the same. Their ceremony took place in Snow Canyon state Park, and their venue was at the golf club that I work at. I had so much fun being apart of their special day, and everything leading up to it-it was perfect.

Shara-Axel-Wedding-63.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-68Shara-Axel-Wedding-72Since Shara got back over 1,000 pictures from her special day, I decided that I would only make this post my favorite personal ones of Derek and I. If I had to choose all of my favorites from this day, this post would be 8 pages too long.




Shara-Axel-Wedding-225I will most likely do a post in the future highlighting the decorations, vendors, and theme of her wedding. But for now, you can just enjoy these photos of my happy-Maid of Honor- self and my hot date. 😉 Shara-Axel-Wedding-872.jpg





Shara-Axel-Wedding-564.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-585.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-580Shara-Axel-Wedding-1055.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-444.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-200.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-1186.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-1332.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-1307 (1).jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-1344.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-1313.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-1317.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-1319.jpgShara-Axel-Wedding-983Shara-Axel-Wedding-988.jpgIf I had a list of all of my absolute favorite days, this day would definitely be on it. It was full of so much happiness, and love-just like wedding days should be. Shara made the most beautiful bride, and Axel was radiating his love for her like I’ve never seen it before. I am so thankful that photos and videos exist to capture special moments and perfect days.

(All photos taken by M.Felt Photography)

Onto the next adventure, Wren


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