Happiest Little “Beaches”

LPCX7284My sisters, mom and I don’t remember the last road trip we all took together because it had been that long. Yes, we’ve gone on weekend getaways together here and there, but spending more than one night together without kids or guys (boyfriends, husbands)? I think it’s been about 10 years.MMKB6226CZQA8405We used to visit Orange county all of the time when we were growing up, so when I found this vacation rental in our price rage 2 blocks from Newport beach-I booked it. I mean, do you blame me? Look how cute it is!EZQG2492



IMG_9003If you are planning on visiting Newport soon, I highly recommend this place.




IMG_8753QMFB8348We have been planning this little beach vacation for months, and we had the absolute most fun we could have with 4 women in a 500 sq foot airbnb. 😉IMG_8826IMG_8829.JPGWe spent most of our time at the beach, and admired all of the charming beach houses on the way. I once promised myself that I will not die until I live by the ocean, and every time I visit, I am hoping that promise is made sooner than later.IMG_9010.JPGIMG_8847IMG_8838We also walked everywhere! We hardly used our car since we didn’t have to go anywhere far, because we didn’t really make plans. We walked to the grocery store, and back to the beach, then to the restaurants and shops, and again, back to the beach. The only time we drove was to go to a nearby mall, because is it really a girls’ trip without a little shopping?DKOC2823





HSDW3439I don’t know what is in our blood, but the ocean is my mom’s, both of my sisters’ and my happy place. And we had a very very happy time. It was such a relaxing weekend, and exactly what all of us  little “beaches” needed.EPGW4488IMG_9070.JPGKBMM0307UUGF1109Life gets busy, we grow up, find our separate dreams and paths, and most of the time find it difficult to do things like this. But today I am thankful for the happy places, for having three life-long best friends, and for these memories that will last a lifetime. I am also thankful that all of us made it home alive (because we almost all killed each other at one point. 😉 ).


Onto the next adventure, Wren









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