Road trippin’ to Yellowstone

IMG_98128Yellowstone is one of the few places that Derek and I had both been to, but had never been together. So we were so excited when Derek’s dad, Randy, decided that that’s what he wanted to do for his birthday weekend.41


3We drove up to Yellowstone on a Friday morning,  and other then a quick stop in Salt Lake to grab lunch with Whitney, we drove the whole 10 hours from home. Whenever Derek and I go on a road trip, I think back to the time when we first road tripped together. That’s when I knew I wanted to marry him. I thought if I can spend this many hours in the car with him without getting annoyed or bored, I could easily spend the rest of my life with him.576We stayed in a cabin at a place near the park called Island Park. It was perfect! We met up with the Derek’s family, who drove up the day before, and had dinner at a cute little cafe. We also met Jake’s girlfriend, Hattie, for the first time. And even though we felt sorry for her having to deal with our craziness, it instantly felt like she was one of us. We spent that night hanging out at the cabin, enjoying the hot tub and the beautiful stars. It was the perfect ending to a long day spent in the car.

139101211We spent the next two days in the park, admiring the natural geysers, all of the pine trees, the wild life, and the cooler weather. It was so nice to spend some time in nature. We’ve been traveling a lot this summer, but we haven’t visited the mountains much, so this trip was much needed. In my option, the mountains are one of the few things that are always good for the soul.191817

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2021On Saturday, we all spent a total of 12 hours in the same car driving around the park, and even though that seems like a very very bad idea to put someone in a car that long with their in laws, it wasn’t. We laughed way too hard and enjoyed each others’ company. Like I always say, I lucked out in the in law department. And days like that one remind me just how lucky I really am.23221524


252726We spent Sunday morning in the park again and drove down to Idaho Sunday afternoon, to visit with and stay at Derek’s grandpa’s house. Derek’s family drove home Monday, but we stayed in in Salt Lake for the Paramore concert with Alyssa (which will be in a later post!)28313035IMG_9807It was such a fun little weekend getaway. We made some amazing memories, had much needed family time, enjoyed the beautiful park, and loved every second of it. IMG_9821IMG_9820Until next time Yellowstone!

Onto the next adventure, Wren



Newport, California Video

I have been quite the busy little lady lately. Between starting my new job position, and leaving town every other weekend- I have hardly had any time for my personal little hobbies. (Like making videos!)

I finally found some time today to finish this one I have been working on since I got home from California last month. And SURPRISE, I am going back there in just two weeks.

Capturing the memories and being able to look back on these moments with my family makes me so happy. Just like blogging, I am not a professional video maker, but I probably won’t ever stop recording and capturing this life I am proud to be living!


Thanks for watching!

Onto the next adventure, Wren

100th post!- And Why I Blog

image1Wow guys! Here it is in all of it’s glory. My 100th blog post on The Stellar Stories (formerly Dur-stellar-spectacular). As most of my readers know, my blog isn’t the typical “Utah blog”. When ever a new friend or stranger and I exchange Instagram accounts they see my blog link and say “oh you blog?!” Yes, I know its cliche to have a blog, but the truth is, I am not a cliche blogger.  Unlike most “Utah Bloggers” I am not too interested in fashion or beauty, I’ve never even posted an outfit of the day post or a hair tutorial. I am not very tech savy, and I don’t have any fancy camera equipment. My photos are all taken on my phone, or my 3 year old camera. And even though I love social media, I have never cared too much about my follwoing. I barely have 1,000 followers on Instagram.

I do not make money from this little website I’ve created, I don’t have sponsors or paid partnerships. I honestly admire the bloggers that make money from it, but I’ve never cared to. Yeah, some days I think “wow, that would be nice to take pretty photos and write while making money,” but then I remember, that is not the reason I started blogging and that is not why I do it.image1 (1).jpeg

“So, why do you even blog then?”…

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I kept a journal my whole life up until high school. I have a box full of essays, stories, and poems I’ve wrote over the years. In about 2008, I learned there was such thing as spilling my thoughts to the internet instead of writing them all down. And I started writing to my Tumblr instead of my journals. I loved the privacy of blogging, and having the choice to publish my thoughts, or keep them private. I loved relating to others’ thoughts and being able to share them to my own page. And I also loved being able to go back to my mind at a certain time with just the click of my mouse. I still occasionally log into my Tumblr, here is the link if you’re interested-

One day, I grew out of writing. And sadly, I stopped. I stopped writing on paper, I stopped writing on Tumblr. I found other hobbies to pass my time including taking and editing photos and posting them on the new app that everyone had called Instagram. I was a senior in high school when Instagram came out, and even though most of my friends liked showing off their outfits, or beauty routine on their Instagrams, I loved the idea of sharing my thoughts in the captions. (I downloaded twitter for this reason, but the character limit just wasn’t doing it for me.)

In about 2013, I realized that I missed writing. Like really writing, not just photo captions or tweets. I thought to myself, I will start journaling again, but this time-online. I had a blog called “Alwaysareason” for a year or two, which was dedicated strictly my thoughts, my poetry, and the things that kept me up at night.  It definitely helped my love for writing, but my love for pictures was getting out of control. Plus, there was a new rule where if you posted more than one photo a day on Instagram, you weren’t cool. Because NO ONE wanted to see your face or life more than once a day. 😉

image3At the beginning of 2016, I decided to just go all in and start a new blog. I decided I would write about my thoughts, my favorite hobbies, and my beautiful life that I shared with my new husband; including our marriage, home, and travels. I would also post all of the photos and videos that documented this beautiful, unperfect life of mine. Dur-stellar-spectacular was created.

At this time, there were “Utah bloggers” on Instagram, and even though I would find myself occasionally comparing my photos or Instagram followers to their’s, I would remind myself that I wasn’t blogging to make a career out of it. It’s not what I wanted to do as a career. I am blogging because I love to write, I love to take photos, and I love to look back on certain times in my life.

2 1/2 years and a name change later, here we are. I have almost every single week of the last 2 1/2 years of my life documented in one place. With a click of a button, I can look back at the great moments, like our first week with Harvey, or remodeling our Dursteler Abode, and also the hard ones, like leaving our students in China.

And that is why I do it.

image2I blog for my husband. I blog for our future babies. I blog for the friends, family, and strangers who are interested in what we’re up to next. And most of all, I blog for myself. It’s my little outlet. It keeps me creative. It helps me realize how blessed I truly am to be living this life of mine.

I probably won’t ever have perfect photos on here, I probably won’t ever blog a post about my outfit that I wore that day, or have sponsors reaching out to be featured. But I promise you that when the whole “Instagram/blogger” thing dies, I will still be writing, taking photos, and somehow documenting it in one place.

Onto the next adventure, Wren


The Final Warped Tour

IMG_9152We all have those certain things that take us back to a certain day or a time in our life. Things that make us feel nostalgic, but extremely content at the same time. Things that connect our brain to the happiest memories, certain people, and the simpler, easy days before we grew up. I can name quite a few things that personally do this for me, and I am lucky to say that Derek shares similar things that personally do this for him.

One of them being: Emo music. 


I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, wren you were one of those depressed emo kids who wore black skinny jeans in the middle of summer, listened to screamo music, used eyeliner and a flat iron way too often, and had an attraction to guys with facial piercings and dyed black hair??”

Surprise! Yes I was.

MPMW0037BHJM8763EJRL7418I was in middle school-freshman year when the “scene kid, emo phase” was big. I had 3,000 friends on Myspace and spent most of my free time finding the next best emo band to show my friends. (My few real ones, and my online ones of course.) In fact, Myspace is where I started talking to Derek. We had met in person, but didn’t talk much. One day, I accepted his friend request, we direct messaged for a while, started texting and hanging out, bonded over our shared love of the same music, and the rest is history. IMG_9159In 2009, we spent our first summer together driving around town blasting Taking Back Sunday, hung out with our friends while the Used played in the background, and when we decided to go to Warped Tour together, I realized that this bond we had was way more than just a “best friendship”. We basically fell in love over emo music, and had one of our first “we’re a couple, not friends” dates at Warped tour. Since then, Derek and I have both never loved a music genre as much as the “warped tour, myspace, emo” one. Maybe because it’s always held such a special place in our hearts and takes us back to the very beginning of our relationship.

QQDE2352PFOI4836 And so, with all of this history and memories, you can only imagine how bitter sweet it was attending the last Warped Tour together. We went to one other Warped tour since our first one together, but we stopped going when our favorite bands stopped going. We’ve attended multiple concerts together since including Mayday Parade, Dashboard Confessional, and Taking Back Sunday, but since this was the last Warped Tour, we felt like we just had to go.

Luckily, a few of our favorite bands felt the same way.

TNJS8738XONF4333IMG_9122RRNV0800 (1)HBON5151OMJT3520RZVO7805RNQK5531

NKXX4373ITBX1980We saw The Used (for the 2nd time together) Mayday Parade (for my 5th time, Derek’s 4th) We The Kings (for my 4th time) This Wild Life (for our 2nd time together) The Maine (for my 3rd time) And for our first time: Senses Fail, Simple Plan, Crown The Empire, Falling in Reverse, and multiple others.

We drove up to Salt Lake with our friends Amber, Ryan, and Erik late Friday night, stayed in a hotel, attended Warped tour all day Saturday, and drove home Sunday morning. We also met up with our friends Kayden and Auston, and saw many other friends from our home town.IMG_9175IMG_9130IMG_9144IMG_9174IMG_9120It was a quick trip, but it was worth it and we were so happy that we went. It was bittersweet seeing all of our favorite musicians older, and realizing that none of us are as young as we once were. But at the same time, it was so great to listen to those favorite songs live-for maybe the very last time. 

Warped Tour, 2009




MKWK7612So… Cheers to the final Warped tour, and to good music. Cheers to the good old days, and the good new days. Cheers to falling in love, and staying in love. Cheers to the end of era, and the beginning of so many new ones.

With so much love from my little emo heart, ( 😉 )

Onto the next adventure, Wren