Soul mates, and the search to find them

Soul mate:

The one person who is the perfect match. The perfect fit. The person who fills in your empty spaces and fits into your life like a perfect puzzle piece. The one person who is destined to be yours. Who at one point in time, you’ll meet and you’ll think “Oh, it’s you.  Here you are. You’re the one.”

IMG_0626Do you believe in such a thing? For some reason I’ve had a lot of conversations lately regarding soul mates and I have had a lot of different opinions and feedback on them. Some say there is no such thing; you fall in love when you’re ready for commitment with someone who is also ready, shares similar interests, and who you have a mutual attraction with. This could be anyone, it might last forever, and it might not-and that’s that.7Others say there’s only one person, it might take a life time to find them or you may never find them, but when you finally do, you’ll know. You are complete, you’ve found your perfect fit, your ONLY match and you’ll live life by their side for the rest of your days. They are your soul mate, and even though there are billions of other souls in the world, this is the only one that can complete you. You two were destined to be in each other’s lives, to fall in love, to complete the other.810IMG_E0622Hearing so many different theories has left me to figuring out my personal opinion and feelings on the matter. And in good ol’ Wren fashion, I decided to share mine. Because what if I told you, I believe in neither of the above theories?

Hold on tight, it’s about to get deep.

We all have bodies, but I believe we’re so much more than just our bodies. Just like our bodies, we all have souls that are unique and only our’s. Our souls aren’t made up of cells and atoms and body parts, they are made up of energy, light, and stardust. And when our brains (bodies) react to situations, things, and especially people, our souls react too.IMG_0624When I walk into a room and feel a certain energy, when I listen to certain songs, try new things, or when I am surrounded by certain people, my soul reacts (positively or negatively). Which brings me back to my soul mate theory.IMG_0625I believe in soul mates. However, I do not believe in the theory of only having one soul mate. I think we will all have many soul mates, some more than other’s, but everyone has more than one. Our blood related family members become our soul mates the day we are born. And even though we may feel like we don’t always need them, or aren’t always on the same page, our souls will always have a connection with them. In apart from family members, I believe we have many different soul mates. We have our romantic soul mates, musical taste soul mates, travel soul mates, our once a week coffee soul mates, our dance party soul mates, our cry on the shoulder soul mates, etc.IMG_0621You see, in my opinion, the idea of soul mates doesn’t mean that there is only one soul out there that completes us, because I think our souls need many souls to feel complete. Every once in a while, when you’re not looking for it, you’ll meet someone and think “wow I need you in my life at this time, you fill in my empty spaces, you complete me.” They will become one of your soul mates, and good news!! this will continue happening through out your life.IMG_E0623Our souls live off of connection and energy, but just like our brains, our souls are ever changing and growing. Which means there will be soul mates who may drift away from us, grow apart, or be replaced. These people just don’t complete you anymore, or they never did. And that’s okay, because you have a billion of more souls to connect with and you have your whole life to find them.9We’re all searching for happiness, to feel whole, to feel connected in this world. One of the most important things we can do to accomplish this, is to surround ourselves with the people who complete us, who give us happiness highs, who we call our best friends, our people, our family, our soul mates. I’ve found mine and I have never felt more complete.


I hope you all find your’s.


Onto the next adventure, Wren

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