Bedroom Tour at the Dursteler Abode

IMG_0992I think absolutely loving the space that you start and end your days in is so important. I’ve always loved decorating and creating a space that feels like me and growing up/ living at home, my bedroom was the only place that I could accomplish that in.


IMG_0995IMG_0990IMG_0994I remember as I grew up, I realized I could make this space of mine feel however I wanted it to. When I was  really young, I would hang all of my art and drawings on my walls and organize all of my favorite stuffed animals to “decorate” my bed. As I grew older, I went through a red and gold room, an Asian style room, a room that I covered my walls from floor to ceiling with photos of all of my favorite bands and magazine photos, and a Paris themed room. Looking back, every single “style” I had in my room represented myself at that time in my life.IMG_0998When Derek and I moved in together, we had to find a common ground with how we were going to decorate our bedroom. Just like most things that have to do with style and decorating, Derek always said “you decorate it..I don’t care. I think it will look good whatever you choose to do.” I remember being a 20 year old and shopping for new bedroom decor…No pink, No floral, No purple, no “it’s a women’s world” quotes, no posters of Ryan gosling with his shirt off..damnit. (looking back, Derek probably wouldn’t mind. 😉 )IMG_0997However, it was always important to me to have a space that represented us both, and our relationship. Derek might not get the happiness high that I get when I wake up in a space that I created, but at least he won’t feel like he doesn’t belong. That was always important to me. In our first apartment, we had a green/ nature themed bedroom. When we first moved into our home, I decorated our bedroom with a lot of our wedding decor,  and it evolved into more of a farm house themed room. And even though I loved it, it has never felt like exactly like “us” until now.IMG_1003IMG_1004













IMG_1002Our current bedroom is exactly what I’ve always wanted since I’ve shared a bedroom with Derek: photos of our wedding day, accompanied by our hand written vows on our walls, bright colors, books, candles, souvenirs from our travels, and my favorite part- furniture that was handmade by Derek himself.IMG_0996IMG_0991It’s bright, it’s cozy, it’s peaceful, it’s comfortable, it brings nostalgia and happiness, but most of all it’s US. Every morning I wake up to Harvey snuggles, and every night I go to sleep with Derek kisses. Both take place in a small space that I love that is filled with reminders of our life together.

Onto the next adventure, Wren


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