Thanksgiving Festivities 2018

IMG_2082Just like Halloween, Derek and I weren’t home last year to celebrate Thanksgiving. So, like most holidays (especially the ones I used to take for granted) we celebrated all month long. I love thanksgiving and the month of November. It is such a great reminder of how much we have to be thankful for. I also love the excuse to spend time with loved ones, and of course, the excuse to stuff my face with yummy food all day.


On Tuesday, Demi and Austin had frindsgiving at their house. We had so much fun spending time with them, seeing Auston and Kayden, and meeting all of their friends from Cedar. IMG_2084IMG_2047IMG_2076IMG_2075IMG_20451. I am thankful for friends who enjoy the holidays as much as we do.

IMG_2034We started Thanksgiving day with breakfast at grandma and grandpa’s. They had plans with their friends’ that afternoon and we were headed to Derek’s parents, so Ali and us went over early and started the day the right way- with family and A LOT of food. IMG_E20882. I am thankful for family members who are close in distance, and even closer in my heart. I’ll never take my close relationship with my grandparents for granted.

Mom moved away this last weekend, and Whit didn’t come to town this year, so we spent most of the holiday with Derek’s family. Grandpa Wade and Jake came to town, and it was the first big holiday in Michele and Randy’s new house. Like most days with The Durstelers, our day was filled with so much love and laughs, (and more food obviously!)  but we missed Axel since he had to work.

IMG_20673. I am thankful for in laws who double as best friends. I’ve almost had them in my life for a whole decade, and everyday I still wake up feeling lucky to share their last name.

IMG_2066After we ate dinner, Derek and I made our way to Dad’s where Josh and Ali spent Thanksgiving. We ate dessert with them and caught up with Dad, Jackie, Nikki, Sam, and some of their family members who were in town. By this time, we were exhausted and in a food coma, so we didn’t get a photo. Here’s a cute one from last week. 😉 IMG_20854. I am thankful for the holidays. To have an excuse to celebrate with loved ones, and catch up with the ones we don’t see often enough.

We went back to the Durstelers and ended the night playing board games. When we got home, we couldn’t help but get the Christmas stuff out and start decorating for our favorite time of the year.IMG_20395. I am thankful I married someone who gets just as excited about stockings and Christmas music as I do.

I fell asleep to the sound of Derek’s breathing, double puppy snuggles, and feeling so so grateful. Since Whit and the girls left the state for the holiday, we’ve been watching Benny all week. Harvey has had so much time spending time with his cousin, and Derek and I haven’t minded it at all. 😉




6. I am thankful for my fur babies who fill such a huge place in my heart.

Today I woke up next to my boys, in a Christmas decorated home, feeling like the most blessed person in the world, and that is the exact reason I love Thanksgiving. My belly is still full, but my heart is even fuller. I’ll never take this life, or the little things that make it mine, for granted.IMG_E2089A few more things I am thankful for that I didn’t have this time last year (living in China)

  1. Good food! (especially potatoes)
  2. Our own home
  3. Puppy cuddles
  4. Our soft, BIG bed
  5. Time with friends and family

Onto the next adventure (the best time of the year!)


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