Christmas Celebrations 2018

IMG_2642Our favorite day of the year is over, but that doesn’t mean that our happiness high has ended. Today, I woke up feeling so blessed and grateful for this time of year that brings family and friends together.IMG_2643This year was the first Christmas I ever spent with out my mom, (due to her moving away) and Whit didn’t make it into town, so Christmas felt a little different this year. We had the chance to facetime Whit, Tyler, and the girls (See cute selfies below). And I’m currently counting down the days until I see my mom next weekend. I’ve learned that growing older means spending less time with family and friends, but it makes the time spent together that much more meaningful.















SLJU9043If you know Derek and I, you know saying we love Christmas is an understatement. Since we were jet lagged, and confused this time last year, it felt like we hadn’t celebrated our favorite holiday in years. So of course, this year, we went all out… With our house decorations, gifts for each other, and my favorite of course- celebrations!IMG_2627











On Saturday, I decided to act like the house wife I am totally not, and host an ugly sweater/ white elephant gift party at our house with our nearest and dearest friends. These people have became my family over the last decade, and if life were completely up to me, I’d spend a lot more time with them. (Even though I see a most of them at least every month 😉 ) They each mean so much to me, and I may or may not get emotional looking at this low quality/ self timer photo of all of us in our Christmas decorated living room.IMG_2528I woke up with my heart so full on Sunday morning, but the celebrations were just beginning. On Sunday night, we went over to Ryan and Amber’s to make gingerbread houses, drink wine, and play their new VR. We had way too much fun that I never took a picture of all of us, but please enjoy this one of Derek’s and my house that I was pretty proud of.IMG_2639Monday was Christmas Eve, and Derek worked during the day. I spent the day organizing our home, wrapping last minute presents, and snuggling Harvey while blasting my favorite Christmas songs. It was a great day alone to decompress after my busy month.

I don’t know what it is about Christmas time that makes me want to be the best “1950’s housewife” there ever was, but after cleaning my whole house, I decided to go to the grocery store and cook Christmas Eve dinner for Derek and I.













IMG_2632.JPGThe rest of the night involved cuddling around our flickering fire, opening our Christmas pajamas from each other, driving around town looking at lights, watching one of our favorite movies, and having a slumber party on our living room floor. It was the perfect Christmas Eve night with just the two of us and Harvey. We’ve spent 9 Christmas’s with each other, but I think this year was the most magical one for us together.


IMG_2633After sleeping in on Christmas morning, we woke up on our living room floor and opened our gifts that we bought for each other. Harvey opened his too, he was very happy to get a new frisbee. 😉

IMG_2668IMG_2669We then met Ali over at Grandma and Grandpa’s for Grandpa’s Christmas day omelets and more gifts. We missed Whit and mom, but we enjoyed our morning together. My relationship with my grandparents is something I’ve never taken for granted. In fact, my grandma and I were talking about how I’ve never spent a Christmas with out them!IMG_2671IMG_2670.JPG

IMG_2666After Grandma’s, Ali and us went over to Dad’s for MORE food and presents. (And to see Ms. Dixie of course- pictured below) I thought my heart, and my stomach couldn’t get any more full, but I was wrong. Derek and I came home to shower and get ready for the day before heading to the Durstelers’.IMG_2664.JPGIt was the first time since July that we’ve all been together. Jake and Hattie were in town and Axel had the day off from work. Ali even joined us. Like usual we had way too much fun, and surprise! We ate more food and opened more gifts.IMG_2646.JPGIMG_2645We also participated in our annual gingerbread house contest that Shara hosts every year and all laughed about how intense this thing is getting. We went all out!IMG_2656










IMG_2657Derek and I ended up winning first place. I don’t know how we won the Halloween costume contest and the gingerbread house contest this year, but hey I am not complaining.. we must make a good team. 😉IMG_2644This year’s holiday season was filled with traditions, celebrations, and abundance amounts of love, just like most people always hope they will be. Through out the month, I was reminded daily why I love this time of year so much and how blessed Derek and I really are, especially with the people who surround us. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and I hope your days ahead and very merry and bright.IMG_2641IMG_2640Onto the next adventure, Wren




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