Celebrating 25, and many more!

It’s been a week since I officially hit the “quarter life crisis” mark, and to be honest I’ve been celebrating way more than my body planned too, resulting in a head cold. (That time of year right?) It’s the 11th day in March, and I feel like all I’ve done this month is celebrate. Now that life is slowing down a little bit, and I am able to finally rest, I have time to post my celebratory month so far. (Even though I never actually stop celebrating. 😉 )IMG_3748On March 2nd, I hosted a surprise birthday for my wonderful grandpa who turned 80 on the 6th. I held the event at my work, and invited my extended family, who mostly came from out of town, and some I hadn’t seen for years. We had a pretty good turn out, and my grandpa was so surprised that he couldn’t even look at me for days with out getting tears in his eyes. Watching him light up all weekend was the highlight of my entire year so far.IMG_3752



Whitney and mom were also in town, and it was so fun to spend time with them, the girls, and Tyler and Adam of course. 😉 We celebrated an early birthday breakfast for me before they all left town Sunday.


IMG_3754IMG_E3573IMG_3751PS- these two are two of my favorite people. I can not wait to have another one of them in August. (hooray for new babies!)

IMG_3747.JPGMy actual birthday was on Monday. It was a usual Monday spent at work, but I woke up to flowers, a card, and coffee from Derek, and got spoiled with nice messages from friends and family all day. I ended the night with a (much needed) pedicure with Shara, Michele, and Jamie. IMG_3719.JPGSince Derek worked Monday night, we decided to celebrate together Tuesday. We both had the day off, so we got lunch together, caught up on house chores, and just enjoyed a day alone together. He also surprised me with rise festival tickets in October. I’ve always wanted to go to the rise festival, so I am looking forward to that!

That night, we met up with our friends for dinner and ended the night watching the two night special of the bachelor at Buddy’s. Yes, we all watch the bachelor together, no its not weird. 😉

(I didn’t take any pictures that day or night, so here’s a few cute ones of my favorite boys from this weekend in Vegas.- Buddy missed the memo 😦 )IMG_3724.JPGIMG_3722Since Leslie and Kallista were also celebrating their birthdays this week, we all headed down to Vegas Saturday to celebrate together. (I told you, SO. MUCH. CELEBRATING.) We stayed in the Real World Las Vegas (season 12) suite at Gold Spike, and as always had way too much fun. IMG_3729.JPG


IMG_3726IMG_3746IMG_3717I love these Pisces babes/ birth week twins of mine.IMG_3721


IMG_3720I am another year older, and thanks to my head cold, definitely feel that way, but am also feeling so grateful for this life of mine. It’s meant to be celebrated, not just on my birthday, but every day. I’m loved by the best people, blessed with the greatest opportunities, and so proud of the person I continue to grow into. My motto has always been to live life like it is a constant celebration, and I’ve never stuck to it more than I am right now. I am so excited to see what growth, adventures, and memories my “late” 20’s bring.














Onto the next adventure, Wren

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