Anniversary Getaway in Jarabacoa

IMG_6570The first weekend of this month, our group had our one “long vacation” for the time we are spending here. Which means we had 10 days to leave town and “vacation” again from our service and teaching work.

Derek and I spent the first half of our vacation in a cute little mountain town called Jarabacoa, that is about 3 hours from where we live. We went alone, to celebrate our four year wedding anniversary that was on June 5th, and we had such an adventurous and fun weekend!IMG_6573We kicked off our anniversary get away by going paragliding! Despite these awesome photos, this experience wasn’t my favorite. I actually got pretty sick from nerves and motion sickness, and it was a lot longer than I expected, but I am so glad that we did it. I’ve always wanted to, and it was so cool to see this beautiful country from above. Plus, it will always be such a fun story for Derek and I to tell!IMG_6417IMG_6581IMG_6418The next day we went canyoneering. Another adventure that neither Derek or I have ever done, but one of our favorites. We went repelling down waterfalls, hiked through the river, went down natural water slides, and even went on a small zipline! I am adding repelling and canyoneering to the list of my new favorite things, and planning on trying both when we get back home.IMG_5932IMG_6578IMG_6577IMG_5953

Even though both paragliding and canyoneering were adventurous and exhilarating, my favorite part of the weekend was where we stayed. I’ve never been a picky person when it comes to where I lay my head at night, since I am more of a “go go go” traveler, but I never cared to leave our hostel that we stayed at in Jarabacoa.


For the first time since we’ve been here, we had air conditioning, hot water to shower, good WiFi, a big flat screen TV, and way too many throw pillows on our bed. I know these things don’t seem out of the ordinary to you, but when you go 5 weeks with out any of the above and then get them handed to you all at once, it puts a spike in your mental health. 😉



IMG_5834The architecture and design of the hostel was also my favorite “style” so I felt like I was staying in my dream home the whole weekend, equipped with free coffee every morning, and 3-4 dogs that greeted us every time we “came home”.IMG_5833IMG_5830


IMG_6567We enjoyed this place so much that on one of the days we were there, we didn’t leave the hostel. We watched way too many movies, had food delivered to us for lunch and dinner, and watched the afternoon thunderstorm through our large windows.

If you ever find yourself in this area, or just like to browse through pretty photos of architecture and design (like me) here is the link for the hostel:


Our weekend together in Jarabacoa was exactly what Derek and I needed to kick off our fifth year of marriage, and to have a break of the crazy month (who am I kidding- crazy 3 months) we had prior.

IMG_6572IMG_6502I love this temporary home of ours, and the adventures it’s bringing for us, I love this life I have decided to live, I love the consciousness I have to not take things for granted- like hot water and A/C, and I love the person who I get to experience it all with.


Onto the next adventure,





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