Our Weekend in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo

IMG_7205Last weekend, Derek and I visited the beautiful capital city of  Santo Domingo. We both wanted a change of scenery, and since we only have 3 weekends left in this beautiful country, we thought that the capital is a must place to visit.IMG_7224IMG_7202IMG_7143Santo Domingo was founded in 1496, and is one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean. We stayed right in the Colonial zone, and some of the buildings around us dated back to the 1500s (including this beautiful cathedral) Let’s just say that my architecture loving heart was in heaven. IMG_7147IMG_7140

IMG_7142IMG_7146Not only was the architecture beautiful, the streets were filled with street art, twinkling lights, and the cutest little cafes and shops. Since we stayed about a block away, we spent most of our time walking around these shops, eating at the nearby restaurants, and admiring the beautiful buildings. We also enjoyed sleeping in, being lazy, and enjoying AC and hot water at our air bnb. IMG_7203IMG_7221IMG_7206IMG_7204IMG_7200





IMG_7198If you ever find yourself in this charming city, I highly recommend this AirBNB (they even deliver breakfast to your room each morning).



IMG_7144We also walked through a chocolate museum, tried delicious samples, and learned all about the history of chocolate. At this point in our day, the rain started coming down pretty heavy, but we didn’t mind. We haven’t had a good rain storm for about 5 weeks, so it felt so good to have cooler temperatures.IMG_7136

IMG_7193IMG_7192IMG_7191We also visited the Jardin Botanical gardens. By the time we arrived at the gardens, we were the only ones there since the rain was just clearing up. It was so peaceful to walk around the gardens that smelled just like fresh rain, and to be there almost completely alone.IMG_7222












IMG_7225Our time in Santo Domingo was short, but it was exactly what we needed. From the cities to the beaches, we’ve had so much fun exploring the different places on this beautiful island. We only have one more vacation planned before we head back home (where has the time gone?!) And as bittersweet it will be to leave, I am counting down the days to seeing Harvey and having AC and hot water 24/7. 😉IMG_7139IMG_7138Onto the next adventure, Wren


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