A very thankFULL November & Thanksgiving 2019

IMG_9930.JPGHappy December friends!

With all of the little happy moments, nostalgia, magic, and beauty this month brings, I can’t help but love it. We finally put out our Christmas decor this last weekend, and our home is feeling extra cozy. I always love our home, but it’s my absolute favorite when our twinkling lights are hung, and our fireplace is crackling. Not only does this season make our home look cozy, but it brings loved ones into our home more often, and our walls are filled with so much love and memories made.











Whitney, Tyler, the girls and Benny decided to come down from up north last minute last week and stayed with us. We had so much fun with them. As always, it was so good to see the girls, who are SO big, and get some sister time in with Whit. And obviously, it was good to see Tyler and Benny too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Harvey sure enjoyed his cousin time.IMG_9957.JPGWe actually saw them the week prior to Thanksgiving for the first time in 6 months when we went up north for the weekend. I think 6 months is the longest Whit and I have gone without seeing each other since we’ve been alive, and the time with her in the last 2 weeks definitely made up for it. It was also fun to see her growing bump, and finally let our baby girls meet each other (through our bellies haha).


IMG_9948Our sole purpose of going up north the week before Thanksgiving was to see friends and family that we hadn’t seen for a while (since we were gone all summer) We stayed at Demi and Austin’s new house and spent time with them, Cash, and Auston. It was so fun to have a relaxing weekend with our best friends and see them at such a different stage in their life than they were just last year. (House, baby, Career). We didn’t get a picture all together, but here is Cash with his favorite aunt. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And one with Auston, who insisted on being in the photo as the favorite uncle.


On our way up north, we stopped in Provo and saw our favorite friend from the Dominican Republic, Emily, and got to visit her at her cute dorm. It was fun catching up with her and showing her my growing bump that didn’t exist last time we saw her when we left the island.

We also met up with Grammy for lunch, it was so good to see her and catch up with her about our adventurous summer and new journey of parenthood that we are currently on.IMG_9937.JPGOn our way out, we went to Wingers to eat and catch up with Jess while she was working. Between spending time Auston, our Beckers, Grammy, Whit and the girls, Jess, and Emily, we had quite the eventful weekend, but it was so good to see our loved ones that we hadn’t seen for a while and I came home feeling so fulfilled and full of love.



The love didn’t stop when we got home though, because just 4 days after, it was Thanksgiving and we got to spend time with loved ones again. Whit and Tyler arrived just 3 days after we left Salt Lake, and we had way too much fun making a bed on our living room floor, spending time together, laughing about our matching bumps, catching up on life, and indulging in way too much sugar.IMG_9955IMG_9942IMG_9941









IMG_9940.JPGWe had dinner at grandma’s the night before Thanksgiving and the girls helped grandma and grandpa decorate their Christmas tree. It was so nice having us all together again. Like I said, this month was the first time I saw Whit in 6 months, and the first time Ali, Whit and I have been together since March. We just missed mom, who stayed in AZ for the holiday.IMG_9953.JPGIMG_9939IMG_9954

IMG_9934.JPGWe spent Thanksgiving day with our Durstelers at Randy and Michele’s and Whit joined us! We had too much fun taking family photos, playing with the girls, and talking about the THREE new babies that will be joining us within the next couple of months. I LOVE having not only one, but two sisters be pregnant with me. Derek and I get a new niece, our first nephew, and our own daughter all within 8 weeks of each other, and we couldn’t feel more lucky. IMG_9867.JPGIMG_9958.JPGIMG_9944.JPG

IMG_9943.JPGI left Randy and Michele’s house not only feeling VERY full of food, but also feeling so full of love and gratitude that I have a family who can all come together (from both sides) and celebrate such a wonderful holiday.IMG_9864Whit and Tyler left the next day after breakfast with grandma and grandpa, and Harvey and I cleaned the house and took a much needed nap. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We spent the rest of the weekend spending time with friends and saw Demi, Cash and Austin again (since they were also down for the holiday!) as well as Buddy, Ryan and Amber.IMG_9956IMG_9945

As of right now, I am sitting in my pajamas in my Christmas decorated house, listening to my favorite music and feeling baby girl kick. I am welcoming December with open arms, as well as the third trimester of my pregnancy (which I reached 2 days ago!) I am feeling more love and gratitude than I can explain, for all of the little moments last month brought, for all of the people that fill my heart, and for all of the new beginnings that have come with this year’s holiday season.IMG_9946This year marks 10 years of holidays with Derek, and it’s a little bittersweet knowing that next year we will have another person to share them with. I can’t wait to see the magic baby girl brings to our already beautiful lives though. Here’s to December, my third trimester, and more little moments that make me fill love, appreciation, and so FULL. (literally and figuratively).

Onto the next adventure, Wren




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