2019 Highlights-Video

Like most, the beginning of a new year always leaves me feeling sentimental and reflective of the year that I just experienced. As a sensitive empath, I can’t help but feel emotional looking back on all of the adventures, memories, and growth that I conquered in just a year’s time and to be reflective of all of the changes that have happened since just this time last year.

2019 was all about “just figuring it out”. It brought so many new beautiful beginnings, and in turn, taught me to let go of certain little moments, connections, and chapters that I so badly never wanted to end. This year brought some of my hardest days, and so many of my brightest ones.

It forced me to be less selfish, more patient, and most of all trusting in the timing of things. I took a risk and lost my dream job position, but fulfilled my dream of being a beach bum and living by the ocean. I connected more deeply to myself than I ever have, but at times felt more distant from others and the most lonely I’ve ever been. Derek and I both took every opportunity that was handed to us just for the hell of it and often thought, “wait..what are we doing?”Together, we experienced so many life changing lessons and adventures including creating another beautiful life together, when we weren’t planning on having babies for another year or so.

My body and my mindset have gone through more changes this year than any other year I can remember, but I am happy to say that through all of the emotional and physical roller coasters I’ve been on, I completed my one goal that I made for myself a year ago, and I’ve continued to choose self love through each stage- even the most difficult ones.

As much as my nostalgic self hates to see another year pass, I can’t wait to see what the next one brings. Here’s to 2020! Bigger changes, greater adventures, more growth, continued deep genuine connections, and as always, self love.

Onto the next adventure,

the next year, the next decade, and the next chapter of this beautiful life I am living,



Welcoming a new year, and a a little life update!

image9 (1)Welcome 2020! It’s been just over a week into the new year, and I already know it’s  going to be an exciting one. Last year was filled with so many life changes, and I am so ready to take on this new year and the next chapter that is coming with it.

I’ve been working on my “end of year post” along with my 2019 video for a couple weeks now, and I promise I’ll post it soon. But, before I share my final farewell to 2019, here’s a little update of the last few weeks, because boy have they been exciting and eventful.

image3 (10)image6 (3)









image5 (3)Like I mentioned in my previous post, last month Derek and I joined Ali and Josh in a road trip to Tuscon to visit mom and Adam for an “in between holidays” weekend. I was going to write a separate post about our time in Tucson, but I’ll spare us all an extra novel, and share those photos here. 😉

image2 (12)



image8 (1)Even though it was 70 degrees, and felt far from Christmas time, we enjoyed exploring the city of Tucson. My favorite thing about mom’s new city was the tall cactus’s and all of the street art!image4 (5)image4 (6)image5 (4)








We also indulged in way too much yummy food, spent a lot of time in the sun, and enjoyed each other’s company. I know growing up sometimes means distance and less time with family, but I am glad that between all of our crazy lives, we were able to visit and spend time with Mom, Adam, and of course Luna and Texie.image11.jpegUnfortunately Texie went to doggy heaven since we visited. She was such a sweet old soul and I am so glad we had a few days with her (and I took this photo) before that heartbreaking day.

image1 (14)

image3 (8)

















On a more positive note, Shara and Axel welcomed sweet baby Nico into the world on January 4th, making Derek and I aunt and uncle to our first nephew! Even though the countdown to him getting here felt long, I have been in complete awe since meeting him. It is such a surreal feeling that he is finally here and that our baby girl will be joining her cousin in just 7 and a half weeks! Transitioning  into parent and grandparent hood has already made this year so exciting for our Dursteler side of the family.

image2 (10)image4 (4)











Speaking of baby girl, my pregnancy is cruising right along and baby and I are doing great. After getting Christmas all put away, my nesting has kicked in more than ever, and we’ve been busy getting her nursery together. It has been so fun preparing and decorating the space that she will soon call her home.

I will post nursery photos in the future, but for now enjoy these cute framed photos of Harvey that my grandma water colored and gave to us for Christmas. Mr. handsome is very proud. 😉

image10.jpegA couple pregnancy updates for anyone who cares, but mostly my future self:

  1. Today, I am 32 weeks and 6 days.
  2. My symptoms are now mild compared to what they once were, other than  experiencing sciatica pain that gets worse at night. (She’s not even here yet, but she’s already on my nerve and keeping me up at night. 😉 )
  3. Baby girl is super active and I already know that I am going to miss feeling her movements in my belly.
  4. I am still working part time serving tables at the resort, but have definitely felt myself slow down with each week that passes.
  5. We have a name, and most of our family and friends know it, but I won’t share it until she’s here and it’s official.

Other than that, I have just been enjoying planning the baby shower and soaking up these last final weeks with her in my belly. Parenthood feels closer and more real every time we check something off our to do list, but Derek and I are feeling more excited than ever before.

image0 (12)image3 (9)



image2 (11)Between the house projects, and welcoming our nephew into the world, Derek and I still celebrated New Years. Is it even a holiday if I don’t get a chance to celebrate? 😉 Our friends were snowboarding in Brian Head for the day and rented a condo up there, so we went up New Years Eve to welcome in the new year with them.

image7 (1)Even though I couldn’t indulge in celebratory drinks, enjoy the hot tub in the snow, or spend time on the slopes this year, we still had a fun night! Derek and I dressed up in 1920’s attire, danced the night away and enjoyed a perfect last “holiday celebration” we had with our friends before we become “mom and dad”. It was the perfect welcome to a new year and this next chapter that is going to come with it.image0 (11)Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving always make me so thankful for family, New years left me feeling extremely grateful for our friends. We’ve spent the holidays with most of the same people for the last 5+ years. Some even going on 10! Between weddings, graduations, careers, moving away, traveling, and now babies…our lives are all constantly changing, but somehow it still always feels the same when we’re all together. image5 (2)

image1 (15)image6 (2)We spent time with so many loved ones in the last couple of months, and even though I didn’t capture each moment, or get photos with every person, I can’t help but feel extremely lucky. I know it’s uncommon to have a large amount of friends in your mid 20’s, but this time of year always make me realize just how lucky Derek and I are to have such a big support system and so many people who fill our heart.  Baby girl is so loved already by family and friends, and I am so happy to be welcoming in a new decade and a new chapter with a lot of the same people who were apart of the last one.image8Other than New Years, welcoming our precious nephew into the world, visiting mom and Adam, losing Texie, and preparing for baby girl, Derek also started his last semester of school this week! I am so proud of him for accomplishing something that is going to bring him closer to fulfilling his dreams. In the next few months, he will graduate and hopefully find a career all on top of becoming parents, and to no surprise, our lives are going to drastically change again.


image0 (10)











But that is okay. Since this time last year, life has been full of constant change and I’ve learned to accept it. I’ve learned to go with the flow, and I’ve learned to trust the timing of things more than ever before.  (More about that on my farewell to 2019 post coming soon!)image1 (16)And even though it always makes me sentimental and emotional saying goodbye to another year, I have never felt more ready for the next chapter- this new year, the last half of my 20’s, this new decade, and all of the adventures, change and growth that are going to come with it. Hello 2020, and goodbye to life as I once knew it. I am so ready for you!

Onto the next adventure, Wren