4th New Habit

Well! We finally got our computer up and running in our new home. I’ve missed blogging a lot. I am so excited to share with you all the ideas and posts that I’ve came up with. I am currently in the process of updating my blog,  and making it look better. I am trying to figure out why my pictures upload blurry, and I will eventually be linking my instagram, twitter, and pinterest on here. Thanks for being patient, showing the support, and following along while I am still learning. I appreciate it a lot, and I am so excited for what’s to come!


I think April was the one of the craziest months of my life. Between finishing our house, Derek’s birthday, working full time, and FINALLY moving in to our house, it was so messy, but so exciting, and beautiful! I love this time of year. I love all of the celebrations and new beginnings that Spring has to offer.

Between it all, I stuck to my “new years resolution” and made a new habit for the month. It’s crazy to me that I now do four (going on five) new things daily that I didn’t do back before January. By the end of the year I will have TWELVE new healthy habits. It takes 21 days to make a new habit, and it’s never too late to start!

My new habit for the month of April was pretty simple, and something I’ve always tried to work on, but didn’t make the time for. I started flossing my teeth! (haha) I know so simple, but something we “don’t have time to do” in the morning. We’ve all been there.


After growing up with (EXTREMELY) crooked teeth, wearing braces for two years, and a retainer for three, my teeth, and smile have always been one of the things I get compliments on. I realized that I needed to start taking better care of them, if I wanted those compliments to last.


I can’t believe the difference I have noticed in the health of my gums, and teeth. It’s amazing what 30 seconds a day can do to your health, beauty, and confidence! Even though it took me 22 years to make this a daily habit, I know this is one habit that I will never give up.

Now that I have our computer up, and my own little corner, in our own office, in our OWN home, I will be posting a lot more.


POSTS COMING SOON: kitchen cabinet DIY tutorial, fireplace DIY tutorial, and once everything is settled, OUR HOME TOUR.

Thanks for following along.

Onto the next adventure, Wren






For Derek


11169235_866399873413103_4462203614078857075_nToday is a very special day in my world, it is Derek’s 23rd birthday! I absolutely love celebrating this guy, and his life. (PS it was SO fun to buy a birthday card that said “husband” this year.)


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again,  I could probably sit down and write a series of lengthily novels about how much I love Derek, and it still wouldn’t be enough. He is by far the best person I have ever met. For those of you who know him, know what I mean. And for those of you who don’t know him, just imagine Chandler Bing from friends, Noah Calhoun from the Notebook, and Nick Miller from New Girl and put them all into one person. That’s Derek.



He’s done a lot in this past year, he’s got married, we’ve traveled, bought our home, remodeled it (almost finished!) found a job that he enjoys, and he’s lost 40 pounds. I am so proud of the person he is growing into.


To save me some time, and save you some reading, I won’t write a series of novels, but instead, I have decided to share my top 23 favorite things about this man that I get to spend the rest of my life with, and I also decided to share 23 pictures of him this past year. Enjoy.


1.His sense of humor, I am never not laughing when I am around him, and I am not the only one.

2.He is the hardest working person I know. He doesn’t stop something until it’s finished, or he has accomplished his goal.

3.He is constantly telling me how much he loves me.

4.He is constantly showing it to, to me, and everyone around us.

5.He never EVER complains. 13007115_993203284066094_8976400578687683123_n13012642_993203174066105_1847948074280646881_n

6.He allows everyone around him to be their own person, and never judges them for it.

7.He always gets extra napkins because he knows I would be a mess (literally) without them.

8. He is a jack of all traits, and a master at most of them. (Hard labor, computers, sports) you name it, he’s good at it.

9.He is never envious or jealous of others, because he loves his life, and I admire him for it.

10.He is the best co-pilot. I map the directions, and he drives.

11. We’ve renovated a house, and have traveled the country, and we still haven’t argued while doing so.13043272_993203214066101_3671615154100978005_n13051691_993203150732774_2150699749524277713_n13015349_993203074066115_7159449512710399477_n

12. He lets me put my freezing feet on his back to keep them warm at night.

13. He lets me choose all the songs, and t.v. channels and never complains about it.

14. He cooks, cleans, does yard work, fixes my car, and everything else you can think of.

15. He surprises me with “fancy” date nights, and spoils me with expensive dinners.

16. He enjoys going out with friends, but is also satisfied cuddling on the couch and watching Netflix. He always does “whatever I want to do.”





IMG_070217.He loves dogs almost as much as I do.

18. He is so handsome.

19. We have more inside jokes than anyone else I know, that nobody would ever understand.

20. He cares a lot about other’s peoples’ feelings, even though he doesn’t show it often.


21. He has big dreams, but he also knows I do to, and he allows me to follow them

22. He snores, sleep talks, and constantly makes weird clicking sounds, but for some reason I sleep better next to him.

23.He is the most optimistic person I know.



I am constantly wondering what I did to deserve someone like Derek to have as a husband. I will never take the littlest things he does for granted, and I will never stop celebrating him as a person, or his life. 22 was a great year for him, I am so excited to see what 23 will bring!


Happy birthday babe, I love you.

Onto the (many, many) next adventures (with you), Wren




New Habit for March

Wow! I realized it was already April in the middle of planning my best friend’s bridal shower, my home renovation, and working every day this week. Since it is already the 3rd, I finally found time to share with you all my new habit that I have been working on in March.

At the beginning of march I started stretching every morning. I have always loved yoga, stretching, and working on my flexibility. I would do it very often, but in March I made it a habit to do it every single day, and I can’t believe how much better I feel.


There were days that I went to a hour yoga class at my gym, and other days that I was rushing out the door, so I only stretched for five minutes, but I did it. Between my birthday week, buying a house, starting our renovation, and being extremely busy with friends and family, I did it.

It is the perfect time for me to focus on my breathing, my body, and think about what I want to accomplish that day. With time, I want to practice yoga each morning for at least 30 minutes, but hey, here’s a start.


PS. Sorry about the crappy picture quality, these were taken in a basement, with self timer. I will eventually make a post of my whole stretching sequence (when I have better lighting, and my husband isn’t too busy to be my photographer)

Also, I will be posting plenty of pictures of our home renovation, so far, very very soon!

Thanks for following along.

Onto the next adventure, Wren

Our weekend in Zion.

Guess what!? ANOTHER birthday post! I told you, I’d be celebrating all month. 😉

The day after my birthday, Derek took me to Zion for the night. It was so fun to have a little weekend getaway, take in my favorite views, and spend some alone time with him. We drove up on Saturday afternoon, and hiked one of my favorite hikes, “Zion Canyon Overlook.” Derek had never done this hike before. It was overcast, but the weather was perfect!


12832568_968418786544544_5835486535582875575_n 12814805_968418736544549_5568629877230754584_n 12805926_968418743211215_6150604401109546878_n (1) 12802764_968418819877874_6144262565258740745_n 12809570_968421663210923_8234490261041815361_n 12814400_968418779877878_6868909911012816186_n

12806068_968421766544246_6958914327438470677_n1916097_968421779877578_4541718980294117004_n 12801379_968421813210908_6376553062066203383_n


We even saw some mountain goats!


We ate dinner at “The Spotted Dog” that night, and stayed at the Flannigan’s Inn.









The next morning, we woke up to rain. I have been to Zion way too many times to count, but to see it covered in dark clouds and rain, was breath taking.

12804771_968421719877584_3976733547712669587_n 12814523_968421699877586_7665346797728032462_n 10004060_971269112926178_3912280165780007596_n

We had breakfast at Oscar’s, and enjoyed our quick, rainy, trip home.

One of my favorite things about Zion, is listening to other people’s conversations. They talk about how beautiful it is here,  how far they traveled from to see these beautiful mountains, how they wished they lived closer, and how they don’t want to go home.

I am so thankful to live so close to a National Park, and one of the most beautiful ones. I will never take it for granted. Our weekend getaway was the perfect end to my birthday week, all thanks to my handsome husband.

Onto the next adventure, Wren

PS- Video of our hike coming soon!


Birthday (week) Shenanigans


For those of you who know me, you know that my birthday is a big deal. I love celebrating, I love life, and I love celebrating the day that I was given this life.

I celebrated my birthday over four days this year, because I wanted to do all of my favorite things with my favorite people.

On Thursday, I went out to dinner and drinks with a group of friends. There was fifteen of us. I am so blessed when it comes to “great friends.” I love each one of these people like family.12832370_968425536543869_1891409765959177310_nAnd I obviously love mixed drinks and Mexican food, as well.


On Friday, It was my actual birthday! I woke up to the house being decorated, presents on the table, and breakfast waiting for me. (Shout out to the best husband, and mother in law!)


Next on my agenda was pedicures with my mama, lunch with her and my grandma (Derek tagged along) and then grandma, mom, and I went shopping.

I had a a couple friends over for a BBQ that night with my family, and in laws.  I am not a fan of cake, so I had brownies instead.

12802992_968425439877212_1906289232495724050_n12806024_968425409877215_3024687497902009465_n12814631_968425406543882_5334311212441394705_nOn Saturday, I met my dad for breakfast, and then Derek and I drove up to Zion and went hiking on one of my favorite hikes. He took me out to dinner, and booked a hotel room, so that we could have a weekend getaway with just the two of us.


On Sunday, we woke up to rain, went to breakfast at Oscar’s, and drove home. (More pictures, and video from our weekend getaway coming soon!)

I love my birthday for some many reasons. I get to reflect on how much I have grown in the last year, I get to set new goals for myself, remind myself of how grateful I am to have the life I have, and the people in it. And best of all, I get to have an excuse to do my favorite things, and spend time with my favorite people.

Onto the next adventure, Wren



One of my favorite instagrammers, Hailey Devine, posted that she is doing the #CHOOSINGTOLOVEMYSELF challenge last month, and asked her followers to join in.


The challenge is to go 18 days without saying a negative thing about yourself. Lately, I have been stressed, and very insecure with the way I look, so when I saw this post, I thought I would give it a try. I have decided to do the challenge for 22 days and end on my 22nd birthday. I know that this will be hard for me, so I decided to say and write down one positive thing that I love about myself each day, to cancel out the negative thoughts.

Day 1: I love how petite I am. Sometimes, it can be frustrating when I can’t find the clothes I want, because at certain stores, even size X-smalls drown me. But I am so happy that I do not have the opposite problem. Plus, sometimes I find cute clothes in the kids’ section, and I save money.

Day 2: I love that I am naturally blonde. I work at a beauty supply store, and just about every day I have a customer say “well I want to be as blonde as you, or I have a client who wants to be your color, but I don’t want to do too much damage.” People pay hundreds of dollars every six weeks to up-keep their blonde highlights, and every day I feel so lucky to be naturally blonde.

Day 3: I love my big heart. I care for people, and love them so deeply. The strong relationships I have with people make life so much better.

Day 4: I love my smile. Two years of braces was so worth it.

Day 5: I love my love for life, and that I am able to find beauty in the simplest things that constantly change the “bad days” to good ones.

Day 6: I love my blue eyes.

Day 7: I love my motivation to set goals, and achieve them.

Day 8: I love that I am not materialistic, and that I don’t need fancy things to make me happy.

Day 9: I love my health. Sometimes I get discouraged when I am running on a treadmill, because I get tired and feel out of shape, but hey at least I have a good-working heart, and a body that can run, climb mountains, and swim in oceans.

PS-Can I say that I am only half way through this challenge, and I can already feel a huge difference with the way I feel about myself?

Day 10: I love my healthy, young skin. I used to have horrible acne, and ever since I was on medication for it, I have loved my skin. I wear sun screen every single day to prevent wrinkles, and luckily, I have never had a stretch mark in my life. (knock on wood)

Day 11: I love my jobs. I know that this isn’t something about appearance, or personality, but I did choose the jobs that I have right now, and I love the decisions I made to get there. Both of my jobs are in fields that I love, and I love my co-workers like family.

Day 12: I love that I don’t need to be fake to feel beautiful. Yes, a lot of make up, fake eyelashes, and hair extensions do make me feel sexy and confident, and they are fun every once in a while, and more power to the women who wear them everyday. But I love that I have never had eyelash extensions, or been to a tanning bed, and I still like the way I look.

Day 13: I love that I don’t hold grudges, and my ability to forgive so easily. I know that everyone makes mistakes, I accept that and move on. Life is too short to stay mad at anyone.

Day 14: I love my honesty. I learned at a very young age that lying about something gets you hardly anywhere, and it makes you feel horrible. I’ve got in trouble sometimes with the truth, but it’s paid off a lot more than a lie would have.

Day 15: I love my relationship with my husband. I know how cheesy, and cliche? But honestly, it is hard to find a trust-worthy honest kind of love now a days. Marriage is something that we both work on, but it’s one of the things I know I am good at, and I love that about myself.

Day 16: I love my legs. Yes, some days I wish I had long legs like a super model, but other days when I am in a hurry, and need to shave, I am so thankful my legs are only as long as they are. They keep me moving, and constantly going, and I love them for that.

Day 17: I love my optimism. Sometimes my husband tells me that I am negative, but that is just because he is the one who hears me complain. I am always looking for the positive in a shitty situation, and always reminding myself that things could always be worse. Life is so much better when you surround yourself with positive feelings.

Day 18: I love that I take photos of everyone, everywhere, and everything. It is part of who I am. I know a lot of people who say they take enough photos, but I have never had that problem. I love time traveling through photographs.

Day 19: I have the best memory, and I love it. I can remember certain days in Pre School, I remember people’s birthdays and the littlest details of someone else’s stories.

Day 20: I love my curly hair. Some days it’s an annoying mess, but on the days that I feel lazy, I can wash it and go. And most of the time it works out. It also gives me a lot of volume when I flat iron it.

Day 21: I love my talents. I used to get so discouraged when I would watch people sing, or dance, or draw. I wish I had a talent like that. Why wasn’t I born talented? Or why didn’t I stick to playing the piano, or gymnastics? But I realized that you don’t need to be artsy to be talented. I am talented when it comes to expressing my feelings, planning out my weeks, catching up with old friends, or decorating my home. We all have certain passions and talents, and I am glad that I have finally noticed mine, and have learned to love them.

Day 22: I honestly love myself. I know that some days I will get discouraged with the things I say, or the way I look. We all do it, especially in this day of age, where we are constantly comparing ourselves and our lives to others, but I love who I am, and who I will become.

This challenge has opened my eyes so much. I know that I am still learning, I am still growing, and there is always room for improvement of who I am or how I feel about myself. Whenever I have a negative thought, or look in the mirror and want to cry, I will remind myself that I am strong, I am beautiful, and I am healthy, and life is way too short to want to be anyone else other than that person in the reflection. I hope you all learn to love yourself. and if you find it challenging  to do so, I hope you try the #choosingtloveyourselfchallenge .

Thank you Hailey Devine for the inspiration, and my new found confidence.

I am so excited for year 22!

Onto the next adventure, Wren

2nd New Habit

I don’t know how many of you read my post last month about my 12 new habits, but instead of making new year’s resolutions this year, I decided to make a healthy new habit each month to improve my lifestyle. Since it is the last day of February, I am going to share with you all what I have been working on.

Derek and I decided that we wanted to buy a home at the end of November. To do so, we needed to start saving money! Derek has always been great with budgets, and numbers,  so this was easy for him, I on the other hand enjoy spending my paycheck as soon as my bills are paid, which leaves me with nothing extra.

This month I decided to work on my personal budget, and work hard towards saving my money. Every morning, I check my bank account, and enter in my income and money spent on the day before into an excel spreadsheet that I have organized into categories. (Food, Bills, Fun) Sometimes, like bill day, I spend a lot of money, and other days I don’t spend any. Watching my money closely, and knowing exactly where it’s going has helped me not carelessly spend on things that I don’t really need.

For example: I spent $100.00 on groceries last week, and instead of spending money on food for lunch, I made a lunch for work. Why would I spend more money on food if I just barely spent $100.00 on the food in my fridge? This is something I would not ask myself last month. Instead, I would think “I have the money to spend, so I might as well.”

I am so thankful for my math genius husband who has helped me with my budget plan, and I am so excited to see how this new habit will affect my lifestyle.

Tomorrow is a new month, which means a new habit. I can’t wait to get started!

Onto the next adventure, Wren