10th New Habit

14900484_1129054143814340_4194522289397707326_nI have to say, October was a much better month for me than August or September. I finished working at the hair salon store, and only worked two jobs! I am completely done with my wedding and event course and should be getting my certificate any day now. I am loving my new job as a wedding assistant!

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I have had a lot more free time nowadays, and my stress levels have dropped tremendously. I spent so much time with the people I love in October, and that alone made me a much happier person. (I even had time to go to a concert in Vegas for the night with a few friends!)


I have always been a big believer in karma. I think whatever you put out into the universe, you will get back. Sometimes it takes hours and sometimes it takes years, but you eventually get what you give.

For the month of October, I made it a habit to tell someone something nice every single day. Some days I complimented strangers on their looks, and other days I texted my friends to let them know how much I appreciate them. Some days I called my family just to say have a good day, and other days I told customers at my work how much I appreciated their service (and their tip 😉 )

I wasn’t really expecting to get much back from making this new habit, I mostly just did it for the fun of it, and hoping to make someone’s day. But I was surprised by the amount of love and compliments I got back! Here are just a few things I was told this month, some by co workers, some by friends, some by family members, and some by complete strangers!

“I really like your hair.”

“Your smile makes my day.”

“When I see you, I feel like everything is going to be okay.”

“You are one of my favorite faces to see.”

“I can’t believe how hard of a worker you are.”

“Well, look how cute and petite you are!”

“Thank you for being such a great friend, I appreciate you.”

“You are just a beam of light.”

“Are you ever in a bad mood?”

“You are the nicest person I know.”

“I am so thankful for you.”

“I am proud of you.”

“Wren!! I am so happy you are here!”

Not only did I make it a habit to give out a compliment every day, I also made it a habit to listen and make a mental note of the compliments I received.  Some days I feel worthless. Some days I feel ugly. Some days I feel insecure or stupid. We all have those days, but that’s part of being human. It has really helped my confidence to listen to the good things that others think about me and appreciate the time they take to tell me. I am going to keep this habit, and really pay more attention to the compliments people give me instead of instantly disagreeing with them.


So, next time you feel down or insecure about yourself, try giving a compliment or telling someone that you love that you appreciate them. You may just be surprised by the karma you get back and the confidence you receive!

Onto the next adventure, Wren


Sunday Adventures and Another New Habit

I want to start this post by saying, I am so glad September is over. The month flew by so fast, but I was so so so busy.  I worked 40 plus hours every week.  I worked 3 jobs, and did hair on the side. I got sick, Derek got sick, and Harvey even got sick. But on top of all of that, I finished my school course, Derek started his new job, and I started my new job as a wedding assistant. So many changes, so much stress (cold sores and all) but so many new exciting things coming our way!

I definitely know I overworked myself. There were days where all I wanted to do was lay on my couch and not even shower, and I did just that. I hardly made it to the gym, and I slept a lot. Instead of focusing on making a certain new habit, I focused on my mind, my body, and myself. I did everything I could to make myself feel better, and not stress myself out. I told people no, I didn’t cover shifts, I didn’t do a lot of hair, I even turned my phone off for a couple hours on a few days. I made time for myself. I took baths, I went to sleep very early, and I made time to take drives to clear my head. I know life gets crazy, life gets busy, but you have to keep it beautiful. Do what you feel you need to do to make yourself a little better than you were yesterday. So I guess in a sense, I made a new habit. I reminded myself every single day that putting other’s first is okay, but every once in a while, it is okay to put myself first.

Let’s just say, this month will be different. I am finished at (one of my jobs) this week, and I am counting down the days until I have extra time in my schedule. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am so excited to get back into my usual routine, and to focus on my new habit for this month.

With all of the crazy (but beautiful) things last month brought us, Derek and I decided we needed to get away and see a change of scenery last Sunday. We drove up to Derek’s favorite place, Cedar Mountain to enjoy the colder weather, and see the beautiful leaves. (Since we don’t have much here in the desert) We drove all over the mountain, went on a little hike, and got pizza at Plazano’s Pizza in Brian Head resort.

We listened to our favorite music, rolled the windows down, talked about our future plans and past memories, and enjoyed each other’s company. (And Harvey’s of course) Harvey loved it to. I think he loves being able to run around and not die of heat stroke, and he is getting a little better about car rides. Practice makes perfect I guess. 😉

So here’s a friendly reminder: stress will happen, and there are days that you won’t want to get out of bed because you won’t want to deal with reality. But you have to work through it, because the end result will pay off, and you will feel as if you can get through anything. Make time for yourself, get away for a few hours, keep your head up, and keep life beautiful.

Onto the next adventure, Wren

Tips for stress & another new habit

Wow, I think August has been the longest month of my entire life. I think back to the things I was doing at the beginning of this month, and it feels like 10 years ago. I have been so extremely busy. To update you all,  I am helping plan a wedding that is on September 16, I am trying to finish school, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family, and I am working 40-55 a week at the moment. My boss at each job had a baby, so they’ve been on maternity leave, we are understaffed at both of my jobs, and just about every one around me looks as if they’re running around with their heads cut off.

There has been days that when my alarm goes off, I want to cry. I want to escape reality just a little longer. I don’t want to have any more to do lists or places to be. But there are also days where I wake up and think “I am going to kill today, and it’s going to be great.” And it is. I know that all of my hard work will pay off, that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, and in a couple months, I will look back and laugh at all of this stress I’ve had. I don’t take a single day for granted even if they are horrible ones.

Through all of this stress, I still made a new habit. It wasn’t an everyday habit, like I have done in the pass. But it was a healthy choice, and it’s something that will eventually make me a better person. I’ve made it a habit to wake up earlier. Like 6:30-7:00 earlier. (Compared to my 8:30-9:00) and I finally got a gym membership!! My days now start at 6:30 most of the time. I try to make it to the gym every single morning, but obviously, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Derek and I go together, and it is slowly becoming my favorite way to start the day. I have felt so much better through out the day, and waking up earlier has actually gave me more energy (and time) to get the things done that I need to do for the day.
I know that I handle stress differently than most people. I let it bottle up inside of me until I can’t take it anymore and then I either break down, or make myself sick. I know I have been so stressed, but I don’t let it affect my every day attitude or mood. I have also been working on things that help with my stress. Here’s a few tips that I have learned that personally help.

      1. Make time for yourself, and get away from the reality of that long to do list. Take a hot bath, go on a walk, turn your phone off for an hour, read a book, watch a few netflix episodes. Just distract yourself for a hour or 2.
      2. Spend time with the people who motivate you, compliment your hard work, and give you space. It is okay to tell people no, if they don’t understand, well that’s their own problem. The last thing you need to do is cater to everyone else’s needs when you already have enough on your own plate.
      3. Get away for the weekend. I took a short trip with my mom to go visit my nieces and sister in Salt Lake last weekend. It was so nice to have a change of scenery and refresh for the next week.

        4.Talk to people who care. Call your parents or grandparents, go to lunch with your best friend, cry to your spouse. They genuinely care about what you’re going through and sometimes venting or talking about stress is the best way to relieve it

5. Get outside. I had an extra hour to spend last week before work. Instead of browsing on my phone and waiting for time to pass, I took the long way to work and took in the beautiful view and fresh air of Snow Canyon Stare Pakr for a half hour. Derek and I also try to take Harvey to the dog park every night for about a hour. Being surrounded by happy dogs while watching the sunset every night helps me!

6.If you can afford it, have a little retail therapy. When we were in Salt Lake, we took a trip to IKEA. Buying furniture and home decor has always been something that makes me extremely happy, so I pulled out the credit card and did just that. I’ve been working so hard lately, so I deserve to spoil myself. And you do to!

7. Exercise! I know I know, you just don’t have time for that. I don’t run a mile every day, and I don’t even exercise every single day. But I do stretch every morning, and most of the time I make it to the gym. Get your body moving, even if it’s a short walk. Your brain needs those endorphins!

8.Make time for the people that matter. Take your grandma to lunch, go on a date night with your spouse, take 20 minutes to call your best friend to catch up. Let them know that you’re busy, but you’re thinking about them. I am a big believer that you get what you give. If you show them love and support, they will do the same, and sometimes that’s all you need.

I know that with the month changing, not many things will change in my every day life. I know that I will still be stressed in September, but I have learned to work with it.Waking up early is just another new habit that has helped me towards my goals, and stress is something that just comes with growing up and working hard towards being that person I’ve always wanted to be. Don’t take a single day for granted, stay happy, and remember to put yourself first. You all deserve it!

Onto the next adventure, Wren


7th New Habit

I can’t get over the fact that July is already over. This year has been so exciting for us, especially the last couple of months. But I am so ready for fall time, and for this heat to go away!

Since we were traveling most of the month of July, I had to choose a new habit that I could do at home, and on the days that we were away from home. I decided to pick one of my hobbies, and make it a habit to do it every day. I kept journals from elementary school to high school, but eventually I got tired of writing down the things I did every single day. I got bored with it, and would just write down things just because I felt like I needed to, not because I wanted to. That’s when I resorted to blogging instead. I liked the idea of being able to share my experiences with the world, and include all of the pictures I take.

I got two new journal prompt books as gifts. One of them is a five year memory book and one is another one that I only write one line every day. Some times I write the things I did that day, some times I write about my feelings, and other days I just write about simple things, like the weather.


I love this book because I can easily look back to last year and compare how much has changed, and how much I have grown in the past year. I have made it a habit to write in this book every night before bed, so that I don’t have to look back at my calendar and play catch up.

The second book is a journal, but instead of just writing about the things I did that day, each page has a writing prompt on it, so I always know exactly what to write about. I don’t write in this one every day, but I love to pick it up when i get my writing urge, or need some extra inspiration that day.


Writing has always been my favorite escape. I’m so thankful to have such easy access to it, whether it’s typing about my life on my computer, or writing in my journals. One day I will look back on all of it, and laugh, smile, and maybe even cry. I know that one day I will be so happy that I documented my whole life, and that I will eventually be able to share it with my children, and grandchildren. Happy writing friends!

Onto the next adventure, Wren


5th Healthy Habit

For the month of May, I decided to make a new habit, and also bring a new hobby back. Isn’t it funny how we grow up and grow out of old hobbies, but the second we start doing that hobby again, we remember how much we enjoy it?


When I was in first grade, I was the number one reader out of the whole first grade class. I was reading books that were on a fourth grade level, I even read a book for the talent show. (HAHA, what a nerd.) In sixth grade, my sister and I would walk to the library and fill our wagon with a stack of books to read that week. We would finish 3-4 books a week! We obviously had a lot of free time.


One day I realized that reading articles and social media updates on my phone weren’t fulfilling my love for reading, so this year I made it a goal of mine to read more books.This month, I made it a habit to read at least a chapter every single night before bed. I picked a book back up in February, and made it a nightly habit the beginning of May. I am just about finished with my fourth book this year.
I am currently reading ‘What Alice Forgot’ by Liane Moriarty. My boss gave it to me as a birthday present, and I absolutely love it. I would recommend it to anyone. They are even making a movie out of it in 2017.


Instead of scrolling on my phone and reading about other peoples’ lives every night before bed, I am working my brain, imagining stories, and exercising my eyes. I have slept so much better this month. Reading clears my head and makes all of the stress from the day disappear. I am so excited for all of the books that I will soon read, and all of the new things I will learn from them. I love all of my five new habits, but this one is my favorite so far. I feel like my complete self with a book in my hand, so here’s to picking up old hobbies! I am so glad I reminded myself how much I love reading,  I’d be lost without it.

Onto the next adventure, Wren

4th New Habit

Well! We finally got our computer up and running in our new home. I’ve missed blogging a lot. I am so excited to share with you all the ideas and posts that I’ve came up with. I am currently in the process of updating my blog,  and making it look better. I am trying to figure out why my pictures upload blurry, and I will eventually be linking my instagram, twitter, and pinterest on here. Thanks for being patient, showing the support, and following along while I am still learning. I appreciate it a lot, and I am so excited for what’s to come!


I think April was the one of the craziest months of my life. Between finishing our house, Derek’s birthday, working full time, and FINALLY moving in to our house, it was so messy, but so exciting, and beautiful! I love this time of year. I love all of the celebrations and new beginnings that Spring has to offer.

Between it all, I stuck to my “new years resolution” and made a new habit for the month. It’s crazy to me that I now do four (going on five) new things daily that I didn’t do back before January. By the end of the year I will have TWELVE new healthy habits. It takes 21 days to make a new habit, and it’s never too late to start!

My new habit for the month of April was pretty simple, and something I’ve always tried to work on, but didn’t make the time for. I started flossing my teeth! (haha) I know so simple, but something we “don’t have time to do” in the morning. We’ve all been there.


After growing up with (EXTREMELY) crooked teeth, wearing braces for two years, and a retainer for three, my teeth, and smile have always been one of the things I get compliments on. I realized that I needed to start taking better care of them, if I wanted those compliments to last.


I can’t believe the difference I have noticed in the health of my gums, and teeth. It’s amazing what 30 seconds a day can do to your health, beauty, and confidence! Even though it took me 22 years to make this a daily habit, I know this is one habit that I will never give up.

Now that I have our computer up, and my own little corner, in our own office, in our OWN home, I will be posting a lot more.


POSTS COMING SOON: kitchen cabinet DIY tutorial, fireplace DIY tutorial, and once everything is settled, OUR HOME TOUR.

Thanks for following along.

Onto the next adventure, Wren





New Habit for March

Wow! I realized it was already April in the middle of planning my best friend’s bridal shower, my home renovation, and working every day this week. Since it is already the 3rd, I finally found time to share with you all my new habit that I have been working on in March.

At the beginning of march I started stretching every morning. I have always loved yoga, stretching, and working on my flexibility. I would do it very often, but in March I made it a habit to do it every single day, and I can’t believe how much better I feel.


There were days that I went to a hour yoga class at my gym, and other days that I was rushing out the door, so I only stretched for five minutes, but I did it. Between my birthday week, buying a house, starting our renovation, and being extremely busy with friends and family, I did it.

It is the perfect time for me to focus on my breathing, my body, and think about what I want to accomplish that day. With time, I want to practice yoga each morning for at least 30 minutes, but hey, here’s a start.


PS. Sorry about the crappy picture quality, these were taken in a basement, with self timer. I will eventually make a post of my whole stretching sequence (when I have better lighting, and my husband isn’t too busy to be my photographer)

Also, I will be posting plenty of pictures of our home renovation, so far, very very soon!

Thanks for following along.

Onto the next adventure, Wren